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Review: 5FT HIGH & RISING – “Lost” (Single)



Driving percussion and melodic riffs mark this all-too-relatable song about someone you’ve grown apart from.

5FT HIGH & RISING, signed to Noizgate Records, first jumped into the music scene in 2009, releasing their full-length albumFollower in 2013. The German post-hardcore band just released their latest single, “Lost”, complete with a music video!

Engaging clean vocals from drummer, Felix, start this track before slamming the listener with headbang-able riffs and breakdowns that will have you jumping like a 17 year old at a music hall.

The guitar work is phenomenal- core riffs are beautifully paired with melodic elements to create a sound that is comparable to The Color Morale, or a sophisticated Of Mice & Men. Percussion from Felix is also wonderful, as the drums are perfectly “core” for the genre but are neither overbearing nor reliant on just a double bass pedal. The percussion is driving and relentless, never wasting a single kick or hit, even while singing.

Which leads me to their vocals- both vocalists are exceptional in their respective elements. The cleans are as powerful as the screams. Moreover, they are not out of place, as post-hardcore is a genre plagued by out of left field nasally singing. Lyrically, 5FT HIGH & RISING is as honest and emotive as they are melodic, with a chorus and verses that will have you belting and screaming lyrics at the top of your lungs:  (“I must gravely admit/with every step we take/and every victory/we knew  each other less”).

5FT HIGH & RISING have definitely hit the nail on the head with this latest release. Their instrumental & vocal execution and overall delivery leaves the listener craving for more. This is a band you definitely want to keep your eyes and ears on- I know that I will.(Katt Hass)


For Fans Of: The Color Morale, They Will Fall

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