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Review: As We Walk – “Second Skin” (Single)


Out of Austin, TX comes 6-piece metalcore band As We Walk, with a new single, new singer, and lyric video that will knock your socks off with pick slides, heavy breakdowns, and a perfect blend of screams and cleans.

As We Walk brings forth an onslaught of brutality as they throw everything they have at the listener in “Second Skin”.

Starting the song is a melodic fade-in that quickly turns to violently heavy riffs and harsh growls.

Vocalist Alexa Kabazie brilliantly executes clean vocals that are well within her range and are neither nasally nor shrill. Her vocals are perfectly interwoven with vocalist David Moore’s diverse screams, delivering low growls and solid mid-range screams with perfection. The result is a perfect dynamic between brutal screams and melodic cleans.

Instrumentally, “Second Skin” is sure to induce major headbanging and moshing. Guitarists Smith and Martin are brutally consistent in their delivery of chugging and heavy breakdowns. Drummer Ian Collins wastes no time to make sure he fills in with every kick, hit, and crash that he can. The percussion is as relentless and brutal as the heavy riffs and breakdowns executed by Smith and Martin.

I’m not usually a fan of electronica in metalcore, as it frequently seems more displaced than helpful, but As We Walk’s Curtis Martin uses his lightly-crafted synth riffs rather sparingly, never overpowering or dampening the fast-paced, heavy tone that the band is putting forth.

Overall, As We Walk kills it. Their heavy breakdowns, riffs, and relentless percussion will have your whole body freaking out as you sing and yell along to the music. But what makes this song truly outstanding is the unabating energy that the band puts forth, and the listener can definitely hear and feel it in each note. This is a band you should definitely keep your eyes and ears on.


For fans of:  Erra, As Cities Burn, I the Mighty

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