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Review: Bike Tuff- S.U.D.S. EP


Michigan local band Bike Tuff is bringing back punk!

Miss the good old days of punk rock? When you used to spend too much time in too many basements throwing down and thrashing about to the grungy raw tunes of your angsty youth? Have no fear, you needn’t look at Punk with such nostalgia. Bike Tuff presents everything you needed/missed in a garage/basement punk band. Raw emotions and vocals are laden in raw, grungy punk melodies and riffs that will surely have you spilling beer shirtless in khaki shorts, white socks, and converse.

But Bike Tuff isn’t all about being rough and gritty. This fast-paced punk E.P. offers a lot of heart with relatable lyrics and an honest presentation of them (aka, no repeating choruses over and over and fucking over again). My only worry is that they might fall into that same “one-note-coarse-instruments” trap that a lot of punk bands fall in. These tracks can run into each other rather easily (with the exception of ‘East Hall Shoes’).

Bike Tuff has a lot of potential as a punk band. This E.P. is a great, refreshing, honest start for them. I look forward to listening (and reviewing) future releases. Bike Tuff is definitely worth keeping your eyes and ears on.


For fans of: The Bravest Kids, Homelife

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