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Review: Enthrall The Weak -“Lighthouse” (Single)

enthrall the weaklighthousecover


Hardcore/Metal music has come a long way. Experimentation has created new subgenres and subcategories within the genre, giving the genre a surprising amount of depth and growth. However hardcore music progresses, we, as listeners, cannot forget its roots. Thankfully, Enthrall the Weak is here to remind us all of “core” music’s roots. Their latest single, “Lighthouse” will have you jumping to every hit, kick, and fast riff like a 17-year-old at a basement hardcore show.

Heavy riffs greet your ears before introducing you face-first to an onslaught of fast-paced riffs, harsh screams, and driving percussion.

Vocalist David Darlak brings forth a well-executed display of harsh growls, mids and high screams that are consistent within the genre. Darlak brilliantly blends them with clean vocals that carry a Midwest-emo quality. The overall vocal performance is perfectly gritty, honest, and heartfelt with every yell, note, and scream.

Instrumentally, “Lighthouse” is sure to induce heavy, fast moshing and jumping. Fast-paced riffs from guitarists Amato and Gray are tastefully meshed with intermittent melodic overlays, interludes, and breakdowns. Drummer Jimmy Amato is brutally consistent in his unwavering delivery of driving “core” percussion, never wasting a single fill or kick.

Overall, “Lighthouse” is a brilliant track. Enthrall the Weak has managed to pull off the “traditional” gritty-yet-melodic hardcore sound that you were first introduced to. Enthrall the Weak is the hardcore refresher course that you need. Their sound is addictively fast, edgy, and energetic. If you love hardcore, then you need these guys in your music library. (Katt Hass)


For fans of: Know Lyfe, When Skies Go Black, At No End

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