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Review: Like Monroe- Things We Think, But Never Speak


It is estimated that the human mind conceives 35-48 thoughts per minute.  In these thoughts lies the essence of life- its heart. As sentient beings, we feel and express this essence of life. We don’t just experience it- we mull through it, we dissect it, and we analyze it in milliseconds.  As exciting as sentience is, we don’t always express what we think or what we feel. Sometimes we’re ashamed of our thoughts; sometimes we’re afraid of thinking about a certain topic; sometimes it is necessary to never speak of these things.  We end up carrying these thoughts and emotions inside of us and never talk about it. We shut them up like secrets in attics. Like Monroe, however, is here to pry the lock off of your cellar door. The explosive metalcore band unleashes their best kept secrets, including rehab, interpersonal conflict(s), and relapse. Like Monroe is unafraid to put their thoughts to verse, chorus, and heavy riffs in their debut release, Things We Think, But Never Speak.

The album is beautifully structured, alternating between fast and heavy metalcore elements and  lighter, post-hardcore-esque elements in riffage and vocals. Overall, the balance between both styles results in a beautifully crafted melodic sound. The best part? It’s all head bang worthy.  And it will pry open your locked cellars and dust your attics as the listener sings along to each anthem, pouring out every secret emotion and thought into each relatable verse.

The album opens with ‘Roswell’, a stand-out, melodic track that packs a hard punch with heavy riffage and driving percussion.  The track breaks for a tasteful acoustic interlude before slamming the listener’s ears with a reprise of the chorus.

‘Black Lungs’ is another stellar heavier track, featuring metalcore vocalist Garret Rapp (The Color Morale). Driving riffs and heavy screams mark this relatable track about interpersonal conflict.

‘Changing Lanes’ is an exemplary lighter track on this album. This track features an engaging vocal melody backed by somber, sparse electronic riffs.  The clean guitar riffs are executed perfectly as well as the implemented minimalist percussion, creating an overall light atmosphere in a lyrically and emotionally heavy song.

Fans of heavier music will definitely cherry-pick this album, but I stand by it as a whole.Things We Think, But Never Speak is a brilliant display of musical technicality. It’s an emotive album that will ensnare the listener and open the floodgates of emotion. It’s an album that has the capacity to be an outlet for the masses. Things We Think, But Never Speak is the soundtrack of our secrets in our attics. You’d be foolish to not give this whole album a listen. (Katt Hass)


For fans of: Fault Lines, The Color Morale, Favorite Weapon

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