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Review: Nick & Knight- Nick & Knight


Ladies & gents, our boy band dreams have come alive- Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) and Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block) have come together to form-you guessed it- Nick & Knight! Er, yeah. I know, it sounds like the Nickelodeon late-night special ‘Nick @ Night’, but come on, give them a chance- it’s actually good.

They make everything you want/expect in a pop-album: catchy pop ballads with some R&B twists. It’s like the ‘90s are knocking on your backdoor!

Now if that hasn’t turned you off and you’re still reading, hear me out: I’d rather have this playing on the mainstream radio stations than One Direction, who so famously uses other bands’ instrumentations and features vocals in the key of auto-tune. No, Nick & Knight feature a strong late 80s-early 90s boy-band sound that I’ve been missing. Each track features a funky pop rhythm you can’t deny- it’s like a modern, very urbanized Hall & Oates. I’ll stress the ‘very urbanized’ once more.

In particular, ‘Switch’ is probably their most stand-out track on the album. It’s more up-tempo and mainly features Knight’s vocals, which are blended smoothly with Nick’s raw style. The synth melody is horribly catchy- I’ve been whistling it for a while now.

‘Take Me Home’ is a pop-ballad that has Nick belting lyrics that sends you reeling back to Backstreet Boys days. It’s fan-girl central all over this track.

Their last track ‘Halfway There’ is a classic. No trace of funk can be found in this power-ballad that strangely reminds me of Rascal Flatts…

Overall, Nick & Knight’s self-titled debut is nothing new, but it’s enjoyable. If anything, Nick Carter’s voice shines through this whole album. You won’t be impressed with anything new, but it definitely has room on your shelf for the nostalgia-revival corner that you have been slowly building up since your freshman year of college. If you’re not over your fan-girl obsession for boy bands from the 80s-90s (really, who is?!?), then this is everything you could ever dream of. (Katt Hass)


For fans of: Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, 90s Boy Bands

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