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Review: Robbed By Giants – Worst of You, Best of Me EP

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Georgia is famous for country stars, but recently the state has produced an indie band that has the ability to become larger than life. Robbed By Giants hails from Rome, Georgia, and they have just released their first album titled Worst of You, Best of Me.

The album features five tracks, fueled by the rawness of the acoustic guitar, and has a southern charm to it. Their stylings are slightly varied, but the band maintains an overall indie quality. While the band is new to the scene, their style of music seems familiar. The music is gritty, and the entire album was recorded in two days. The instrumentals are the real star of this album, Thomas Orr, vocals and guitar, does an excellent job of balancing his vocal abilities with guitar melodies.  Jordan Epperson, the percussionist is laid back with his style, he does not over play the drums, and he meshes the percussion perfectly with the vocals and guitar.

All of the tracks on this album are slightly varied. The first track “Satisfied” is a jumping track, complete with a horn section. The second track “London” is a textbook indie track, soft melodies, quiet vocals, and illustrative lyrics.  The following track “Part 1(Worst of You, Best of Me) follows suit with the same quiet intensity as the previous track. This song is emotional, a true indie love song.  “Part 2 (Epps)” is an instrumental track, and showcases the band’s technical skills, featuring a reprise of the horn section that was used in the first track.  The final track “Anything” is another love song that is addressed to an unknown lover. The album deserved to have a few more tracks, because it feels like it drops off at the end. Some might find the album to be slightly boring because the last few tracks are all similar and have the same tone and slightly similar instrumentals.  However, the band’s musicality and Orr’s crooning vocals really set the stage for the indie album you didn’t know you wanted.

In conclusion, Worst of You, Best of Me is a tasteful, charming album that sounds as if it belongs in the soundtrack for Grey’s Anatomy. Robbed By Giants has the potential to make a name for themselves in the indie scene. (Konstantina Buhalis)

Favorite Tracks: London, Part 1 (Worst of You, Best of Me)


Stream and download Worst of You, Best of Me here!

For Fans Of:  Bon Iver, Dave Matthews Band, Ben Howard

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