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Vesuvius Releases “This House Is Not A Home” Lyric Video

This_House_Is_Not_A_HomeOntario’s metal quartet, Vesuvius, have released a lyric video for their single, “This House Is Not A Home.” The new single features a strikingly wide vocal range, searing melodic riffage, and dynamic instrumentalism to ensure maximum ear shredding.

If you’ve been searching for something to break your bones to, look no further than the imminent cataclysmic eruption that is Vesuvius.

You have been warned.

“‘This House is Not a Home’ serves as a first installment of a vast excursion spanning many personal experiences and viewpoints. The lyrics are an excerpt from a writing crafted during the darkest period of my life. The recording process was by far the most emotional that we as musicians have faced to date. Hopefully the message we have come to share can apply personally to each and every one of you.” – Benjamin Cooligan





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