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Review: Citizen – Everybody Is Going To Heaven



Who says pop punk bands can’t be sad and broody? Citizen have just released their new album, and it’s dark, broody, and cathartic, and yet mature. If Edward Cullen was a person, he would be this album. Sad boys need to grow up too, and now it’s Citizen’s turn.

It’s been two years since the release of Citizen’s iconic first album, Youth. Finally, the band has released their sophomore album, Everybody is Going to Heaven. The album is ten tracks, each track carrying a dark and mysterious tone. The band hasn’t released such heavy music since the EP, Young States.

This album is a change from the previous album. The album was produced by Will Yip, and Yip artistically crafted the sensuously dark album. The grit of the album is felt within the first notes of the opening track, “Cement”. The entire album follows suit with an intense energy. Mat Kerekes, lead vocalist, has vocals familiar to the fans of the band. His vocal delivery is a mix between crooning and a shrill piercing howl. Kerekes holds nothing back on this album. It is clear that Kerekes is fighting an unknown advisory, and his weapon of choice is his voice. The track “Dive Into My Sun” is caliginous with lyrics that are hard to decipher.  The track “Yellow” is drenched in reverb, and the track “Stain” follows the same construction, and Kerkes vocal abilities are showcased in this track.  Everybody is Going to Heaven is an emotional tug-of-war that just can’t be won.

The transformation that Citizen went through to grow to be mature will be compared to many other punk bands that did the same. Don’t put Citizen in the same category, though, for Citizen has gone in a different direction. Citizen has matured in their own way and they aren’t afraid to show it. (Konstantina Buhalis)


Favorite Tracks: Yellow, Cement, Dive Into My Sun

For Fans Of: Basement, Seahaven, Real Friends

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