Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Stream: Casey Skye’s ‘A Careful Distraction’



We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive album stream of Casey Skye’s A Careful Distraction, to be posthumously released August 7th on Imminence Records! To the fans of 2009-style electronic post-hardcore that we all came to know and love in the golden age of Myspace-dwelling “Scene Kids”, this is a must-listen and a must-have EP!




About Casey Skye


Formed during 2011 in Detroit, female fronted post-hardcore outfit Casey Skye quickly went to work on their debut EP, entitled Prima Donna.  The Ghost Noise produced EP was released in June of 2012 before the band saw its first major lineup overhaul. The new lineup was quickly sponsored by Drella Apparell before recording with Drew Fulk for what would become A Careful Distraction. The EP never saw the light of day,  however, as the band saw their second major lineup change at the end of 2013. With their current lineup, Casey Skye has partnered up with producer Kyle Ritch to record their yet to be titled 2015 EP. In November 2014, the band announced their signing to Imminence Records. In July of 2015, the band announced their breakup and that their posthumous A Careful Distraction will be released August 7th on Imminence Records.

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