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Review: Like Tyrants – Despicable Feelings



Do you ever miss the old school sound of emo? Fortunately, the cure for this is a new band Like Tyrants who have just recently released an EP titled Despicable Feelings.

Like Tyrants hails from Akron, Ohio, and describes their genre of music as “emo” and “post-hardcore”. Their EP, produced by Danny Cullman, is a four track 2000’s emo throwback. Like Tyrants style is reminiscent of early emo/pop-punk, and is a great addition to any playlist.  The EP opens with the track “Leach”, a mellow slow jam that grows to be a thrasher. The intro to the track has an identical melodic makeup as a track by Basement or Title Fight. Vocalist/guitarist Nick Wanger’s voice is familiar to many fans of the emo music scene. Wanger’s voice is clean and he’s got a bit of a growl that presents itself on multiple occasions in the track. The second track, “Lost My Keys”, is the quintessential pop-punk song. The song employs themes of emotional distress and communication failures. The fourth and final track of the EP, “Ranch Wilder”, is the culmination of all the songs on the EP.

Like Tyrants will be dropping an eight track live release later this year, and the band plans to become a regional touring band this year, as well.  Like Tyrants is building their empire, and with the release of their live album, and regional touring, they will easily become a fan favorite and radio station staple. Like Tyrants has the potential to become one of the next big names in emo/pop-punk/alternative/post-hardcore. (Konstantina Buhalis)


Favorite Tracks:  Lost My Keys, Ranch Wilder

For Fans Of: Alexisonfire, Thursday, Thrice

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