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Review: Karissa Pasquarella – My Mind Put Into Songs EP

karissa pasquarella


Recently in the indie/pop-punk world there has been an influx of female lead bands, and the trend is gaining momentum. A newcomer has emerged onto the scene with a voice that is a mix between Michelle Branch, and Hailey Williams of Paramore, and the guitar playing of Taylor Swift. I am talking about Karissa Pasquarella, a New York native, who just signed to Manifest Records.

Pasquarella just released an EP titled “My Mind Put Into Songs”, and the EP is slowly gaining attention on the internet. The album is what can be best described as an intimate bedroom concert, there are no theatrics and no overselling. The album is simply a girl and her guitar, and some self-written songs, and her delivery is clean. Pasquarella has that indie tone, extending all the vowels and rounding them off with a slight accent, but remains crisp, she does not over play her guitar, and the silent pauses between verses adds another dimension to the tracks. Everything on this album is real and home-grown, while the lack of other instruments allows the listener to gain full access to Pasquarella’s voice and she does not get lost into the background. The entire album has this wonderfully intimate feel to it via MTV’S Un-Plugged although there is no audience to cheer and sing along, but it won’t be long before this artist has adoring fans.

My Mind Put Into Songs is a well written and constructed album that can be enjoyed throughout your daily life. It is incredibly chill, and makes for a nice relaxing album to listen to. The album is very relaxing and just a great listen. (Konstantina Buhalis)


Favorite Tracks: Writer’s Block, Home, Insecurity

For Fans Of: Avril Lavigne, Paramore, The Maine

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