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Review: Taxon Clade – We Could Do That EP


From the groovy medleys of The Vonneguts to the thick bass lines of The Deadly Vipers (formerly the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad), Detroit’s music scene has a wide variety of flavor. Native Detroit artists have a distinct feel that comes with their music, but not many artists have a flavor quite like Taxon Clade. Based in Midtown, Taxon Clade is a trio self-classified as “Dancey-coustic Soul Pop”, and that description couldn’t be more accurate. Their sound is at the very eclectic center of Detroit’s musical soul, and best captures the soundtrack of the day-to-day milieu of the people surrounding the northern Cass Corridor. Consisting of Daniel Ericksen on lead vocals and lead guitar, Drew Bartosik (from Honeybabe) on Bass and backup vocals, and August Leo on percussion, Taxon Clade is at the epicenter of Detroit’s new wave of musical craft. While they’ve only been on the beat for a short time, their acoustics have hit the walls of many of the bars and pubs around Metro Detroit. Taxon Clade’s most recent release, entitled We Can Do That EP, are six tracks of musical bliss. The entire EP is unique not only for its acoustic flare, but for the fact that you can dance, drive, and relax to this album 100 times without getting tired of it- and, believe me, I’ve been listening to this album on repeat every morning on my route to work since discovering them in mid-April. Taxon Clade’s uniquely blended sound has resonated all throughout Metro Detroit since their formation during the summer of 2014. They’ve rocked out from Found Sound in Ferndale, through the Magic Stick in Midtown, all the way to the historic Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Incorporating the vibe of Detroit’s cityscape into a sound that is hard to hate, Taxon Clade is a must for anyone with an interest in the new Detroit music scene. (Anderson Tilson)



For Fans Of: Honeybabe, The Vonneguts, Varisty Rats

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