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Arms For Elephants Stream ‘My Judas Scene’


The Minnesota post-hardcore band Arms For Elephants have released their debut full length My Judas Scene today and with the release, the group is doing an exclusive stream of the new album at HM Magazine.

“Our debut full length album My Judas Scene is an intensely personal album, and we’re extremely excited to finally be able to share it with the world. We strive to make music that is therapeutic, and that means writing lyrics that are honest and vulnerable. In a scene that’s both amazing and often overly generic, this is just sincere music with a cause.”

Order a physical copy of My Judas Scene on Arms For Elephants’ Bandpage or download it from iTunes today!


Hailing from Minnesota, Arms for Elephants brings their own brand of post-hardcore to the table. Their sound is comprised of an energetic, driving rhythm section complimented by melodically dreamy guitars. Lead by their duo-lead vocalist combo, they showcase melodies that are heartfelt, along with lyrics with a cause. Taking influence from post-hardcore and alternative rock, they gain inspiration from bands like: Saosin, Underoath, Silverstein, Emery, Anberlin, Conditions, and many more.

Making 2015 as productive as possible, AFE has worked hard to build an online fanbase as well as hitting the road for several tours. They’ve also been busy preparing to release their debut full length album My Judas Scene in September of 2015, soon to be accompanied by a music video for the single “The Laws That Guide My Feet” directed by HM magazine’s Kyle Lehman.

Arms for Elephants focuses on writing lyrics and music that are meant to resonate in your heart. If you are struggling with depression, or having trouble finding your place in this world: there are no frills here, just sincere music.


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