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Review: Northernmost – Pinedale EP

Northernmost pinedale EP

As a Michigander, when I hear “north” I think of camping and visiting different Michigan landmarks, but a new band has changed my idea of north. Northernmost is a new alternative rock band serving up great jams a la Balance and Composure style.

Northernmost released a four track EP titled “Pinedale”. The EP has a mellow alternative rock flow and tonality that does not overreach or bombard the listener with crazy transitions and ridiculous instrumentals. Though I said that this clean EP is extraordinarily mellow, don’t mistake for a minute the power of this band- it’s obvious that they know what they’re doing.
The lead singer has a voice that is similar to Jesse Lacey’s of Brand New, and maintains a nice balance between the main vocals and dynamic harmonies. Each track is different, but ties together in a seamless cohesive flow. Nothing on this album is forced and- if Northernmost stays this way- then the alternative rock community will gain another great band.

The EP has an intimate feel to it, as if it’s a set you would listen to in a small venue or a basement show, which is awesome and makes the album more personal. This EP is a fantastic jam and the listener will not be disappointed. The taste we get on Pinedale EP makes me shake with anticipation for a future full-length album.  Keep your eyes open for Northernmost- they are going to have some great material that you won’t want to miss! (Konstantina Buhalis)

Favorite Tracks: Milo, Cloudy


For Fans Of: Brand New, Balance and Composure,

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