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BrokeNCYDE Release ‘Los Locos’ Music Video


Crunkcore duo, brokeNCYDE are back in action with a new music video for their stand-alone single, “Los Locos”. After taking a short hiatus in earlier this year, the group is back to their original line up and are preparing to release a variety of singles in the coming weeks.

“‘Los Locos’ is a song about being free and doing whatever the hell you want to do,” the band offer. “GO CRAZY, be yourself!”

Watch the “Los Locos” music video below!

About brokeNCYDE


brokeNCYDE is a duo consisting of members SE7EN and MIKL residing from Albuquerque, NM. They are known for pioneering their own genre known as CrunkCore. They’ve been able to become an internationally known band with 20 MILLION+ in total views on YouTube & reach #48 on the top 100 Billboard Charts in 2009. They’ve been able to work on projects with honorable artist such as E40, Paul Wall, Kottonmouth Kingsand many more. They were on a hiatus for a bit but are now BACK and stronger than ever!


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