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Nuisance Releases “Annunaki” Lyric Video


St. Paul, Minnesota based Metal band Nuisance have released their “Annunaki” lyric video. The lyric video originally premiered with REVOLVER Magazine, and the track is from the band’s latest album Kill The Silence, which is available now on iTunes.

“The song is one of our more dynamic songs on Kill The Silence. This is one of my favorites off of Kill The Silence.” – Vicious (vocalist)

Watch Nuisance’s “Annunaki” Video Below!

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About Nuisance

nuisance2One of the most explosive hard hitting bands is emerging from the dark depths of the midwest- a region that has birthed some of the biggest metal bands to the world (Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne).

Hailing from the dirty and dark streets of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota since 2005 explodes Nuisance! Nuisance brings you heavy-hitting drum beats with the insane Rick Fisher, melodic and technical riffs by Suspense & Philth, deep bass/backup vocals from loose-cannon Shaggs, mind-blowing samples by the one and only D.J. Switch, and frontman Vicious flows with dynamic range, big hooks and catchy lyrics.

Nuisance signed with Sid Wilson (of Slipknot) at Mach 2.8 Entertainment in December of 2013. Soon after playing the legendarySXSW (South by Southwest) Music Festival in Austin, Texas and Dirt Fest (2014) in Birch Run, Michigan with metal GODS and friends Killswitch Engage, Nuisance was also on the Art of Fury Tour (2015) with The Reaktion and the one and only OTEP.

In 2012, they released the 12 track album Kill The Silence with two videos to follow for tracks “Priapisam” and “The Message.”  Frontman Vicious says, “The album was written, produced, and recorded by ourselves. Keeping it self-made which very few bands can do. We pride ourselves in hard work and dedication to our art.

Nuisance also have another EP, entitled 5 Star. Both KILL THE SILENCE and 5 STAR are available on iTunes.

Some of the bands that are a huge influence on Nuisance are Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, Deftones, and of course Slipknot! You will definitely here some of these influences on the next Nuisance album which they are currently in the process of writing to be released in 2016.

So be on the lookout for upcoming shows and the new album due in 2016. In the meantime ..…………. BE THE NUISANCE!!!

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