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Sonicspoon Releases “In This Pale Blue Dot” Music Video From Self-Titled Debut EP

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Sonicspoon has released a music video for their track “In This Pale Blue Dot” (originally premiering with National Rock Review) from their self-titled debut EP. The video was shot in Guadalajara, directed by José María Luxán (Digital Muffing), & produced by Sonicspoon. Sonicspoon’s self-titled debut EP is available for purchase now on Bandcamp.

Watch Sonicspoon’s “In This Pale Blue Dot” music video below!

“In This Pale Blue Dot” was the last of four songs for our first EP. Although we were working with another track before, it came together organically and, just a few days before we went to the studio, it was finished. I wrote the lyrics the night before going to Pull & Push Studios to record the vocals, but they were about something completely different. That night, while I was watching some science videos, I was really impressed with how Carl Sagan described our planet in Cosmos Later, I saw another one from Neil Degrasse Tyson talking about how he feels in connection with the universe that we can see, and how knowledge is one of the most astounding things we can share.Sam Gómez (Sonicspoon)

About Sonicspoon

unnamedSonicspoon is a Rock band born in Madrid (Spain) in January of 2015. During the beginning of this year, the band wrote and recorded their first self-produced EP, between Pull&Push and Energía Studios. The self-named EP, contains four songs full of energy, reflecting the band ́s spirit and their own vision of what they love so hard…Rock!! In these four songs, you can find sounds that remind you of bands like Foo Fighters, Soundgarden,Against Me!, or QOTSA, and many others…

Band Lineup:
Sam Gómez – Vocal and Rhythm Guitar (Ex Glasspires)
Sam Rodríguez – Lead Guitar
Edu Brenes – Drums (Skunk DF – Violent Eve)
Dani Fernández – Bass Guitar (Holycide – Dark Moor)


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