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Vital Signs Release “Forgive and Regret” Music Video


Post hardcore outfit Vital Signs has released a new music video for the single “Forgive and Regret”. The new single is the first from the band’s upcoming EP Vengeance which is set to release in the spring of 2016. The music video, shot and directed by Adam Serrano will give you a good preview of what is to come from Vital Signs in 2016.

“Forgive and Regret is a song I’ve been working on for years and the song concept really touches home for both myself and Runk (vocals) in relation to our recent pasts. This is the first song Vital Signs has released in almost a year and I feel like it is the perfect note to come back on. It is a bit of a foreshadowing of our progressing sound.” – Alex Bolton

About Vital Signs

vitalsignspromoForged from the ashes of their pasts, Vital Signs united in 2014 like a phoenix burning back to life to bring their own unique blend of melodic metalcore to the table. Vital Signs has come to prove they mean business after critical acclaim from the 2015 release of their debut EP “Smoke & Mirrors” which was crafted solely by vocalist Alex Runk and guitarist Alex Bolton. Now, after taking months off to find bassist Eric Rembecki as well as drummer Tim Davis to fill out the line up, they are back with a vengeance. The band doesn’t consider themselves to have fans, but considers their following to be family; and for that reason they put their all into each musical piece they compose.


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