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Famined Records Signs Reckoning Hour; New Album Due Spring 2016



Brazil’s melodic death metal champions Reckoning Hour have joined forces with Famined Records to unleash their next upcoming release, Between Death and Courage, available this coming Spring. Additionally, the band has released their first single, “Newborn Generation,” off of their next impending album!

Reckoning Hour represent a new chapter for melodic death metal. The brash five-piece invoke the best of the old-school and the new to breathe fresh life into a once European-dominated scene.

Check out “Newborn Generation” below!

About Reckoning Hour

550422_0401101e50b047de8cb4daf9201f6b41Reckoning Hour presents a new chapter for the melodic death metal music. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and concerned about making a difference, the band brought up a new proposal by introducing a mix of originality, technique and melody that has subsequently been widely accepted by and garnered attention from national and international media. In their upcoming album, Between Death and Courage, the band strive to expand its borders while still delivering the same teeth-shattering melodic technicality that you all have come to love. 

Reckoning Hour is:

JP – Vocals
Philip Leander – Guitar & Vocals
Lucas Brum – Guitar
Fabio Bianna – Bass
Johnny Kings – Drums

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