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One Morning Left Premieres New Album in Full; ‘Metalcore Superstars’ out Today on Imminence Records


Finnish EHM outfit One Morning Left has partnered with Revolver to premiere their third album, entitled Metalcore Superstars, that was released today in the North America and Oceania territories on Imminence Records. The album, which is the follow-up to their 2013 sophomore release Our Sceneration, may be purchased in those territories on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Google Play, and Bandcamp.

With our new album Metalcore Superstars, I’m so glad to announce that we have finally managed to find a professional label to handle our business in North America & Oceania. We built this new album for years and with Imminence Records the album will get the attention it deserves. Can’t wait for everyone to hear what we have created this time!” – Mika Lahti (Vocals)

Stream Metalcore Superstars here:


2. Heavy Metal Finland
3. ¡Derailed!
4. You’re Dead! Let’s Disco!
5. The Recipe
6. Kings and Queens
7. Fast and Furious 6.66
8. Devil’s Nest
9. Metalcore Superstars
10. Eternity
11. Sticks and Stones

About One Morning Left

unnamed (1)One Morning Left is gearing up to release their third full-length album, entitledMetalcore Superstars, after making their fans wait for almost three years from their 2013 album Our Sceneration. Time hasn’t changed or matured the band too much since One Morning Left is still what fans are used to; melodic metalcore with a hint of electronic dance music and a tongue-in-cheek feel. However, this time the members are a bit more aggressive.

After the release of Our Sceneration, One Morning Left pretty much continued where they left before entering the studio. The band toured around Europe a quite bit playing shows with bands like Adept, F*ckface Unstoppable (Bam Margera), Protect The Hero, and We Butter The Bread With Butter. This helped One Morning Left to gain lots of new fans, drunken tour stories, and bruises. The band took time off from the road and entered a song writing mode in early 2014. Ultimately it took two years of hard work to get the new album written, recorded, and finished. In 2016, they will return to the stages with a brand new album that will definitely please their old fans and confuse the new ones. One Morning Left is the most “Heavy Metal Finland” as it gets.

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