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Cloak And Dagger Releases New Single “Balance”

February 9th, 2016
Greenville, NC – Perth’s Cloak And Dagger are excited to release their second track from their forthcoming Imminence Records’ debut entitled Balance. The six track EP features a rerecorded version of the band’s “Stay Gold” single along with the new single that so happens to be the title track. The EP is slated to be released this spring.

When we were finding the right producer for the record it was very important to us that we find the perfect fit for us as a band and as people. We considered a few options but at the end of the day only Matt at Templeman Audio and Simon at Forensic Audio Mastering could deliver exactly what we wanted. Most of the tracks had been finished in the months leading up to the studio so that we could really refine their sound and focus in on what was strong about them before entering the studio. Matt definitely had the experience and knowledge necessary to really make our ideas come to life and also bring his own ideas to the table.” – Oliver Royer (Guitarist)

About Cloak And Dagger

promoThe Perth metalcore outfit Cloak And Dagger was birthed in 2013 and quickly went to work writing and playing shows. In June of 2014 the band released their debut EP entitled Divination. The EP features lead single “Catharsis” that attracted the attention of metal fans from all around the country and resulted in a feature in the pages of Blunt Magazine. During this time, the band continued to write new material and at the end of 2014 had garnered the attention of Imminence Records. On March 15th, the band announced their signing and released their brand new single “Stay Gold.” The wanted the single to be a song that sounded different from the EP while also retaining their identity. With a new release due out in Spring 2016, the band has just started to scratch the surface of their sound and career.

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