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Flannel Mouth Announce Debut Full-Length; ‘The Prisoner’s Cinema’ out March 11th via SwitchBitch Records


The dastardly minds of Flannel Mouth are at it again as they announce their debut full length The Prisoner’s Cinema, a gruesome tale of love and regret with a whole lot of guts. “This tragic parable reminds us how frail love can make us, one bloody song after another,” stated vocalist Luke Myers. The new record is a three-part play (complete with intermissions) – an ambitious undertaking for a band writing their freshman release. “It gave us a bit of a guideline, essentially, to which we adhered and adapted,” added drummer, Tyler Owen. He continues, “Luke wrote this heartfelt and bloody script and we just tried to match the feelings of the scenes to the notes we played. Three years in the making came together all at once.”

Accompanying the announcement is a teaser, eponymously named “Prisoner.” The 40-second-long clip includes audio of a yet-unnamed song, as well as some visuals cluing audiences into who the Prisoner must be. Myers is writing a suicide note, promptly finds himself a noose, kicks his footing out from underneath, and we see his lifeless boots swaying in the dark, wooded setting. We are then treated to the first glimpse of The Prisoner’s Cinema’s album artwork. The a cappella introduction and fiddle accompaniment in the closing riff suggest a southern influence on the band’s western-sounding rock and roll.

The Prisoner’s Cinema is slated to be released on March 11th via SwitchBitch Records and is a follow up to the successes of their previous “Pull In Your Horns” EP. These 14 tracks are a sonic whirlwind of Midwestern rock tangled in elements of progressive pop. Flannel Mouth turned to the unmistakably capable hands of label owner Michael Abiuso who is known for his works with Kiss Kiss (Eyeball Records),The Gay Blades (Triple Crown Records), The Venetia Fair and Behind The Curtains Media to produce, mix, and master the album. The band flew Abiuso from New York City to Peoria with a suitcase full of gear, holed themselves up in a vacant office building, built a professional studio, and only paused for a trip to last year’s SXSW. Zachary Hartman, lead instrumentalist (and named as additional production credit), reveals, “We turned the conference room into a live room, the main executive office into a control room/sleeping quarters, and the bathroom into a vocal booth. It was definitely a unique experience.” Listeners can certainly hear a delicate caring and quality to their product; consider it a critical library addition to complement artists such as Johnny Cash, Cursive, The Dear Hunter, Circa Survive, A Lot Like Birds, Foxy Shazam and more!

Flannel Mouth is gearing up to support the new record with a tour to and from SXSW with The Skulx, where they will be playing numerous showcases. “We’ve been fans of Foxy Shazam for a while and were introduced to Cadaver Dogs recently, too,” adds Ryan Batalon, bassist. “Their new stuff is sounding giant and we can’t wait to see what the [live] show is like.” The tour is scheduled to begin March 10th and will conclude with a hometown appearance in Peoria, IL in April.

About Flannel Mouth

flannelmouthFlannel Mouth, an old western term for “one having a way with words,” keeps its definition intact as this four-piece theatrical rock act releases its debut LP, “The Prisoner’s Cinema.” Vocalist/lyricist, Luke Myers, tells the tragic, gruesome story of a young man learning the difference between love and crimes of passion. The frenzied and guttural story is matched by its soundtrack — manic-albeit-fluid — punctuated by the eccentric bass lines of Ryan Batalon, heavy swing beats of Tyler Owen, and the atmospheric leads of Zachary Hartman on guitar, trumpet, organ, fiddle, and more. If Tarantino wrote a script to be scored by The Dear Hunter, performed by Cursive, engineered by Foxy Shazam,and produced by Brand New, Flannel Mouth would be the end result. And one would certainly not want to miss that feature presentation.

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