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Review: ZAYN “Pillowtalk” (Single)


Zayn: coming from the Arabic, زين meaning “good” or “fine”. However, Zayn Malik (referring to himself simply as ZAYN)  is the name of one of the biggest celebrities in the world right now. Malik, a former member of the ridiculously popular boy band, One Direction, has officially begun his solo career and released his latest single this week. The track titled “PILLOWTALK” already has 39,295,327, hits on YouTube and, as a consumer of pop culture and fan of Mr. Malik, I had to take a listen to the track.

Malik caused a ruckus when he announced he was leaving “1-D” to pursue a solo career. After a Twitter altercation between Malik and producer Naughty Boy, Malik disappeared for a while to work on his music, and he has returned. The single “PILLOWTALK” oozes sex and is lyrically the opposite of what he had been previously doing, and as the first offering from Malik to the pop world it can be concluded the single is on the fast track to being a hit. Although, the track is repetitive, with the same lyrics throughout, and an arrangement similar to his work before, he does have a mature edge, finally able to sing about sex and women the way he wants too. Within the vocals one can almost hear the bad-boy aesthetic Malik is famous for, and while the song is not unique and does not contain any distinct components, it’s an enjoyable guilty pleasure and future strip tease track filled with sugary pop goodness, sure to rot your teeth and make you fall in love with Zayn Malik. (Konstantina Buhalis)

Rating: 7.5/10

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