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Durijah Lang of Glassjaw and Saves The Day chats with Nick Vombrack on THE RECORD PODCAST


The Record Podcast unleashes episode #11 tomorrow (2.24) which is an in depth conversation with former drummer of Glassjaw and Saves The DayDurijah Lang. Listeners will be given a first hand glimpse of an array of topics including what it feels like to be in multiple bands at once, getting signed, getting kicked out, rejoining a band, touring the world, being broke, anxiety attacks and more.

When you find something you are passionate about, the natural instinct is to share it with everyone you can. Nick Vombrack, of Dr. Manhattan fame, is doing just that with The Record Podcast. “As the drummer of Dr. Manhattan,” Nick states, “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many great people in bands and the music industry over the years. I wanted everyone to meet them as well, and get an in-depth look on these people and the industry they dedicate their lives to.”

Nick, now 31 years old, is a former touring musician from the suburbs of Chicago with a microphone, a computer, and the will to do a decent interview; or at least the desire to laugh at a dick joke or two with a friend over Skype. As a husband to a wonderful lady and father to a beaming baby, having his feet off the road has given him the time to reflect and review the past. Now has become his time to share.

In addition to interviews, Nick and his guests will often be giving away exclusive free prizes of vinyl, merchandise, unreleased songs, demos and much more. Can’t get more of a “win-win” situation than this, so be sure to keep those eyes and ears focused on The Record Podcast!

The Record Podcast Bio:
For fans of podcasts such as WTF with Marc MaronGoing Off Track, and Washed Up EmoThe Record Podcast will set you straight with a special glimpse from the inside of the music industry across all levels. In a bare bones setting, host Nick Vombrack plans to share stories, experiences, and insights to peel back the curtain and let audiences experience life from the throne (drum throne, that is). Past interviews have included Nic Newsham (Gatsby’s American Dream, The Money Pit), Casey Bates (Producer) and Scott Heisel(Substream Magazine) with future interviews to have Garrett Rapp (The Color Morale), Kurt Travis (A Lot Like Birds, ex-Dance Gavin Dance), Tom Mullen (Washed Up Emo) and Ryan Seaman (Falling In Reverse).

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Durijah Lang’s Bio:
Picture2bGrowing up in Long Island, he has pursued music his whole life. After attending Berkley for a quick spell, he gave up the guitar to pursue playing the drums professionally. Throughout his music career, he has been the back bone in such bands as: Knives & Greenwater, The Stryder, Classic Case, Saves The Day andGlassjaw. You can catch him playing with Burn on Bane’s upcoming farewell tour.

Connect with Durijah Lang:

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