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Review: Get Stoked – Stepping Off the Porch


Pop-punk never dies, it just takes on new forms. With a mid-2000’s style of intensity and composition, Get Stoked is the poster child for the revival with their new album Stepping Off the Porch.

Listening to their album for the first time feels as if you got transported into 201, and you’re listening to A Day to Remember tracks that got cut. Their latest album, Stepping Off The Porch, is a tribute to the pop-punk renaissance, and they do an excellent job reminding us why we loved that era so much. The album begins with a raging track titled “Between A Rock And A Hard Place” that kicks the album off to an energetic start. The rest of the album follows suit, an unstoppable train of punk force that gets the listener excited and ready to mosh at Warped Tour.  The track “Again And Again” is a casual semi-ballad that ends with heavy outro.

The entire album has the old-school sound of angry dudes trying to manage the world around them. It has been awhile since there has been album that encompassed the themes we so desperately missed and an uncertainty in their voice. Get Stoked’s presence is something to be excited about; they bring a familiar old style back to the table, but pair it with dynamic vocals and exceptional instrumentals, and they are light on the metaphorical lyricism, which allows the audience an easy listening experience.  Get Stoked has the ability and talent to win over older punk fans like myself, who recall the hazy summer days of 2006 when this type of punk was at its peak.  The vocals are balanced between a heavier yelling, with clean and smooth singing, and they don’t sell their tracks on the ability to rage, but contain neatly within the songs as a side feature.  There is something for everyone on this album, and hopefully soon the album will be pressed on vinyl and these guys will get the radio play they deserve. It would be a shame if this talented group of young men were ignored, so do yourself a favor and give Stepping Off the Porch a listen, and show it off to all of your friends! (Konstantina Buhalis)


Favorite Tracks: Stepping Off The Porch, Between A Rock And A Hard Place, Again And Again

For Fans Of: A Day To Remember, Man Overboard, All Time Low, The Story So Far

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