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Andrea Nardello Releases New Track “Fire”


PHILADELPHIA, PA| MARCH 26, 2016 – Philly-based folk/rock singer-songwriter Andrea Nardello recently announced the official release of her latest EP, titled Fire for 4/15/16 through Noble Steed Music. Today, the artist is partnering with AfterEllen for the exclusive premiere of the EP’s title track before its release. Here is what Nardello had to say about “Fire“:


“When I wrote ‘Fire’ I thought about life and how often you need to pick yourself back up after being broken. We as individuals need to keep our internal light burning. No one else can do that for you. Life is short so it’s critical to feed your soul, enjoy what you do, and figure out what lights you up.” – Andrea Nardello


Andrea Nardello has garnered favorable comparisons to Melissa Etheridge and Shawn Colvin for melding pop songwriting smarts with a confessional and literate songwriting style which often explores relationships, romance, and her own “out” family life. Andrea has been busy touring in support of her EP, entitled ECHO, opening for Brandi Carlile, Tony Lucca, Gabe Dixon, Ron Pope, and Emerson Hart of Tonic fame. Andrea’s refined accessibility draws from folk, rock, soul, and even the swagger of hip-hop. Andrea is once-again collaborating with trusted producer Matt Chiaravalle (Warren Zevon, Josh Joplin) for this emotional new EP, Fire.


Head over to AfterEllen today to stream the title track from Andrea Nardello’s forthcoming EP Fire (out 4/15/16).  For music, updates, and more visit or follow the artist on Facebook and Twitter.

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