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Sever Black Paranoia Release “Insanity” Music Video


(March 31, 2016 – Toyko, Japan) – Japanese electro/metal band Sever Black Paranoia has released a new music video single, “Insanity” off their upcoming full length ELIZA. After staying quiet since the band’s last EP East of Eden in 2013, the group is getting ready to make some noise with the anticipation of their debut LP set to release May 20th.

“Insanity was created with a unique view on the world. We used sounds differing from other electronica bands, as well as uses new sources of electronica element. This song could be described as a dark parade of sounds and lyrics being unleashed upon the world.”

Watch “Insanity” Below:


About Sever Black Paranoia

promoMay, 2009 start off of SEVER BLACK PARANOIA producing a project of synchronizing video and sound.
July, 2012 1st mini album “Metasentiment” release March, 2013 2nd mini album “East of Eden” release.
And now, at last, it was announced that they will release their 1st full album “ELIZA” in spring of 2016.

Full with unique view of the world, sounds of chaos dark electronic differing from other digital bands and also new sources of electro sounds. This could be described as a dark parade of sounds. It is totally dark as it were the note of arts. Finally a full album with extremely dark view of the world has been created.


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