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Keyes + Wearing Thin Release Split 7″ Vinyl Record on Tragic Hero Records

(April 15th, 2016) – Tragic Hero Records labelmates, Keyes and Wearing Thin, released their split 7″ vinyl today. The partnership was natural as the bands have grown close over the years and now have a home at the same label. Vocalist for Wearing Thin, Tylor Blackburn, explains “We’ve been best friends with Keyes for a while now, and it’s really exciting to not only be able to work with them on a release, but to do it with what we feel is a more polished and mature sound”. Keyes couldn’t agree more about the collaboration. Vocalist Kyle Allen shares, “This recording is something special to us on more levels than just the music, it’s something we’ve been able to create with our best friends,”

    The split 7″ is available in limited physical quantities and digitally at these outlets:

Stream the EP 

1. Keyes – Sewing Circle
2. Keyes – Little Sister
3. Wearing Thin – Company (Misery)
4. Wearing Thin – Follow Through

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