Track-By-Track: The Chromes – ‘Let It Roll’


I’ve always held a special place in my heart for the Cleveland music scene. Though Cleveland is home to a number of criminal issues (especially murder, what’s up with that, guys?) and- in certain areas- crumbling infrastructure, it also harbors some of the hardest working musicians that span across multiple genres. I could delve further into my admiration for Cleveland music, such as their vibrant folk and bluegrass scene (see Honeybucket), infectious alternative/indie rock (Cloud Nothings, Nights), gorgeous instrumentalism and post-rock (NOMADS),  twinkling pop-punk (Light Years), savage metal/hardcore/punk, and so much more- literaly countless amazing bands and artists- but, today, we’re turning our focus onto a really nifty rock/power-pop/glam outfit. Meet The Chromes! They recently released their sophomore album, Let It Roll, this past year after signing to the independent label Abydos Records. Chok full of catchy hooks and classic vibes, The Chromes are a sure-fire way to make your days feel a little more timeless.

We have the immense pleasure of presenting to you their official track-by-track of Let It Roll. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy! As always, certain tracks are available for instant streaming (courtesy of ReverbNation) and the Spotify full-album stream is embedded at the bottom of the article for your viewing and listening pleasure!

“Miss Crazy”

This song was written by our old bass player Andy Cane. He had writers block for a long time and this was his first song out of it. He was pretty excited and just played it on his bass and sang it for us, about 10 minutes later, and with a few tweaks I added, we had a song. After we finished playing, he told us all about his crazy long time girl friend, things we won’t mention here.

“Little Evil”

This is one of the first Chromes song. It was originally a song written in 2008 for another band called Streetdevils, but the song never saw the light of day, and was in a very different format with different words. Good friend Michael Damin and I then finished the song together after we left that band in hopes to put together a new band. The glam influence is evident. There is another version of this song on our first self titled EP.

“Let It Roll”

I wrote the words to this song about someone close to me that needs to just let it roll and loosen up a bit, shoot at the hip, improvise, go with the flow…. Advice we all could follow now and then. The music was Dennis Downey’s brain child. It’s pretty much all him. I did a guitar solo in the middle. This song was actually supposed to be on our next album. We wrote it last for our next album but decided to put it on this one cause we needed an album title. We already had a relationship with Cleveland’s Burning River Roller Derby Girls, so we thought “perfect, we’ll put the song on the album and the roller girls on the cover”. The girls are letting it roll!


“Everybody” was a song written a long time ago by former Chromes guitarist Dennis Yurich, long before he was in the band. We used to play it together briefly in our band Vanity Crash during shows in 2003 and 2004, but the band then shelved the song because Vanity Crash’s signer, Dan Folino, didn’t care for it. Thanks Dan! It’s on The Chromes Album now and I love it! What it’s about? You’ll have to ask Dennis Yurich…. He explained it once, I didn’t get it.

“Sunday Drive”

Another former Chromes bassist Russell Bombik wrote this one (yes, we had a lot of turn over for a while!). I love this song. I can relate to the words about trying to fix a relationship by spending some alone time together. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, I don’t think it did. Love the music, love the words. Thanks Russell!

“Don’t Count On Me”

I wrote this song while going through a divorce. I was done, as this song suggests. Pretty clear. Enough said.

“I’ll Go”

Another song about a relationship. Every feel like you just piss someone off enough or annoy them enough that they want you to just go away? We’ll that’s what this is about, just giving in and leaving when you no longer feel welcome.

“Towards You”

One of the last songs written for this album. It’s a song of hope after the end of a relationship. Hopeful about heading in the right direction after a relationship and will someday find the right person.

“Talk That Walk”

This song was put together impromptu at a rehearsal. Just started jamming the riff and spewing out a bunch of words. It felt like a fun song, so I just started singing out phrases about a good looking woman walking down the street. Pretty cheesy shit!! lol!! Sometimes I like cheese!

“One More Shot”

Another song by Michael Damin and I for our band that never materialized. Originally written in 2006, it has morphed a bit but still remains pretty close to the original sound and concept of drinking away your problems. Deep stuff!

About The Chromes

promoRock ‘N Roll is not dead yet, not as long as The Chromes are still around. With a touch of The Rolling Stones, the presence of Kiss, the pomp of Bowie and the ruckus of the New York Dolls, The Chromes have played their version of original Rock N Roll at several Cleveland and regional clubs and festivals Since early 2012.

Guitarist and vocalist Brian Hager is the former rock and rollin’ guitarist with Vanity Crash. He is also a Berklee College of Music alum, but don’t let that fool you, he still knows how to Rock and Roll. His infectious songs borrow from his influences, but have a swagger of their own. Brian also toured the US and Europe with Cleveland Blues Hall of Famer Travis Haddix from 2008 through 2011.

The Chromes started with a chance meeting on an airplane. frontman Brian Hager (formerly of Vanity Crash) was leaving Las Vegas when he struck up a conversation with a fellow passenger. By the end of the flight, the two had decided to start a band and began auditioning members.

The Chromes’ first album, 2012’s self titled E.P., helped the band quickly grow a fanbase in their hometown of Cleveland, OH. They followed up their first album with a song on the Rock City Compilation, an album that raised money for Easter Seals. Their music has been played on radio and the band has played Cleveland’s House of Blues.

This success caught the attention of Abydos Records, who picked the band up and began recording. Those sessions with producer Jeff McConocha have just been released as the band’s sophomore album, Let It Roll, described by Scene Magazine as “a glam-inspired, high-energy new album”.

The Chromes released Let It Roll with a raucous performance at Cleveland’s newest venue, CODA, and are keeping the momentum going with select tour dates around the Midwest.

Connect with The Chromes

Official Website | Facebook

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