Track-By-Track: Decades In – ‘Decades In’

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Out of Union City, CA, there comes a raging force. It comes tearing across the earth, ripping through the concrete streets of suburbia and the cracks and crevices of our cracked earth; screaming, seething, and enraged. It knows no limitations, charging and wrenching itself through the world at breakneck speed. Every inhalation of dust and industrial fragments enhances its rage; each gasp through corrupted lungs enriches its urgency. Eyes red, chest heaving, its mind runs blank as the wake of destruction only widens and widens. It can’t stop. It won’t stop. It’s name is Decades In.

Decades In (formerly Dennis Is Dead) is no novel destructive entity. For over a decade, the melodic hardcore outfit has been smashing and crashing its way through the hearts and ears of many. As such, there comes a certain amount of finesse to long-term calamitous musicality- something that their most recent self-titled album aptly represents.

Today, we have the utmost pleasure of presenting to you the exclusive track-by-track breakdown of Decades In, as told by the band themselves! As always, each track is embedded with its corresponding description. Sit back, press play, and prepare to have your eardrums torn up. Enjoy!

“Buried Under”

“Buried Under” is one of our heavier songs on the record. This song was inspired after reflecting on The Ghost Inside’s tragic accident. Those guys went out and followed their passion and dream but almost died doing it. It reminds me of the sacrifice people make in order to follow their heart, no matter the circumstance.

“For All It’s Worth” 

This song is about how we have been a band for over a decade. Although we have met many obstacles and faced multiple reasons to just quit, we still pushed on, taking every experience for all its worth. In the end, no matter what happens, at least we tried to continue to chase the dream because it never really died.


As mentioned, we have been doing this for over a decade. We have seen so many bands and people come and go throughout the years. When we started we had so many people around us who now have taken a different path. Now those old faces are gone and we are starting to see new ones. In a sense, we sometimes feel like were standing alone because most of our friends back then are not alongside in the music scene anymore.


This song is inspired by the long drives we have done in order to get to the next show. A lot of times we drive through the night, literally seeing nothing but the white lanes on the road and the street lights we pass by for hours that guide us. All bands have to do this and that is the only way to go in order to live out the dream to take the music outside home.

 “No Compromise”

This song is almost a song about our previous members who decided to leave the band to pursue a different direction in life. Although there are no hard feelings whatsoever, they had to make a choice to give up a small dream of playing music, compromising with themselves in order to move on elsewhere.

“Silver Linings (Somebody Else)”

This is the first time we decided to completely sing in a song. The poppy demeanor of this song allowed us to venture into singing without screaming vocals. This song deals with relationships but looks at it in a positive light. Although ending your time with a significant other can suck, there is always a silver lining to it because, as cliché as it sounds, there will be always somebody else.

“Damaged Goods”

Ending a relationship does hurt and there is anger that comes with it. This song deals with the anger and resentment of that. A part of you is gone when someone important in our lives leaves. That hole will forever be there making us “damaged goods”. You’re like a box that has a puncture in it. You can mend it with tape or whatever else, but that puncture will always be there

“Past Tense”

Life equals change. It is inevitable and something that every human goes through. Past tense deals with how those changes are forced upon you and everything around you is different. However, although your surroundings are different, sometimes you can’t help but feel that you are still the same.

“All Hearts In”

When we wrote this album, we asked ourselves if we wanted to continue doing music and go through the motions that come with it again. We had to ask ourselves if all of our hearts were really in this crazy entity that is the band. This song is like an inner reflection from our hearts when we are faced to ask ourselves if we are all in.


Who knows what’s next for our future. Life comes in cycles and there will be an end and a new beginning.

About Decades In

Decades_In_PromoWe’re Decades In (formerly Dennis Is Dead), four friends from Union City California who have been playing live since 2007. Our story goes all the way back to 2003 when Daniel, Michael, and Josh started this band. With the addition of Adam on guitar a few years later, the line up was solidified.

After self releasing our first demo Situation:Dire in September of 2009 we quickly gained an audience and earned the respect of many. All while becoming one of the top bands in our hometown market. During which, we preformed with many national acts including: The Acacia Strain, Arsonist Get All the Girls and I The Breather. Soon after, interest was shown from New York based label, Negative Progression Records. Our debut EP “Close To Home” was released by NPR and distributed online and in stores via Sony Red Distribution. The music video for “The Inner Circle” was widely successful and helped us gain recognition by peers and fans. We began to expand our following by first preforming weekend tours, before eventually, reaching out of state markets. In mid 2012 after a tragic van accident, the bands momentum was brought to a brief halt. Despite both mental and financial circumstances, we overcame the odds and got back on our feet. Completing a hand full of tours and weekend runs over the following 3 years.

We entered the studio in January 2016 with ambition and excitement. Self funding a 10 song album tracked, mixed and mastered by Ryan Furlott (It Prevails, American Me) at Rain City Audio in Portland, OR. These new songs encapsulate every emotion and experience we have learned from or overcome. The album was released on June 24 2016. Decades In represents the last ten plus years the band has dedicated to their friendship and passion for music.

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