Track-By-Track: If Walls Could Talk – ‘What Would They Say?’


I may be a New Yorker now, but Detroit’s music scene will always hold a special place in my heart. Though known for its Motown years and lively jazz fusion, the 313 reps a wide array of genres from soul to hardcore to experimental psychedelic hippie-whatever to pop rock- and everything in between! But what makes Detroit’s music so dashingly vibrant isn’t just in its genre expansion, it’s in its presentation. There’s a whole lot of truth to the phrase “Detroit Hustles Harder” and it’s this collective strength and comraderie in struggle that presents Detroit’s music scene as more of a carefully inlaid mosaic, rather than just a feature painting with a few main concentrations.

We have the absolute pleasure of focusing on one of those artfully crafted mosaic tiles today: the independent alternative pop-rock band If Walls Could Talk. The band released their debut EP What Would They Say? in June and- I have to say- it’s one of the catchiest album’s I’ve heard this entire summer. Sweeping pop melodies paired with gentle vocals, smartly-crafted instrumentation, and catchy hooks will leave your heart and ears completely and utterly addicted, leaving you begging for more!

But don’t be sad that it’s over- just play it again! But this time, do it while you’re reading the official track-by-track of What Would They Say?, penned by the band themselves!  As always,each track is embedded for your listening + viewing pleasure. Kick back, hit play, and read on! Enjoy!

“Beautiful You” 

“Beautiful You” follows a line of very good but very sad songs. It was somewhat of a ray of sunshine. It tells the story of a wonderful friend who was helpful in times of need. Not only was that person beautiful on the outside but also within. The song is a tribute to hope, love, and aspiration.


“It’s 3:00 am and I’m still on my feet.” The opening line of the song says it all. “Sleepless” tells the story of a sleepless night spent worrying about the future. It starts off with the narrator telling us that he is stuck in a difficult situation and ultimately has to make a tough decision. Eventually, he comes to a realization that helps him decide what to do and eventually falls asleep content but not fully satisfied.


The summer season is carefree and full of life and so is the song “Summertime.” It tells the story of the beautiful summer romance between two soul mates who meet in summertime. The two first meet on a hill watching the sunset and try to live every moment together as the season goes by. Not a day passes without the thought of the other present in their minds. Summer is life, love, and happiness.

“Specter of the Dead” 

“Specter of the Dead” was written after watching an old Casper episode titled “There’s Good Boos Tonight.” The song tells the story of an old town legend about a demon ghost nicknamed the “Specter of the Dead.” Legend has it that the ghost haunts an old abandoned house near the edge of town. One day, the townspeople hear noises coming from the house and decide to investigate. The main character runs into a man outside of the house who warns him not to go in alone. They end up both going inside and eventually run into a boy sitting alone in an opened room. Terrified, they notice that the demon ghost’s eyes are burning red. They begin to realize that the demon was not a demon after all, but just a small boy crying. He tells his somber story revealing that he doesn’t know he is dead and then vanishes. With this new understanding, the men feel obligated to tell the townspeople the truth! The run outside, enlightened and slightly terrified. They try telling the town the truth of the so-called Specter of the Dead, but the town insists that a demon haunts the house and the story of the demon lives on.


Much like the wonderful conclusion to the day, “Nighttime” finishes off the album with wonder, beauty, and mystery. “Nighttime” tries to recreate the magic and enchantment of the night as it paints different image of night life. Moonlight shines, midnight strikes, and secrets fill the air as the night takes over and the earth slowly rests its head.

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