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Exclusive Premiere: Stream Sirens Over Sumeria’s ‘Omelas’ EP

Last year, we brought you a swanky exclusive premiere of an album titled Sirens Over Sumeria, flooding your head with crushing breakdowns and ripping your eardrums to shreds with cut-throat, breakneck riffs.

This year, we’re bringing you more of that tasty, brutalizing technicality.

We’re more than proud and excited to present to your ears the exclusive album premiere of Sirens Over Sumeria’s new EP Omelas, out tomorrow on Imminence Records!

“Since the release of our debut album, we’ve really come together to fine-tune our sound and take SOS to the next level. We went into a direction that was unfamiliar to us, but one that felt like home at the same time.” – Demir Mehovic, Guitarist

Vocalist Jesse Morin also chimed in on the long-awaited release of Omelas, adding,

“When God closes a door, God opens a window. And then God cracks his knuckles. And then God walks down the street kicking pinecones and chewing a lot of bubble gum.”

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About Sirens Over Sumeria

promoBursting from the northeast scene with their take on progressive metalcore, the Connecticut based Sirens Over Sumeria formed in 2012. Combining the influences of the likes of Memphis May Fire, August Burns Red, I The Breather, The Amity Affliction, In Hearts Wake with raging breakdowns, technical fretwork, and video game based lyrical content, it is no wonder the band has quickly risen the ranks and turned heads. In 2014, the band hit Moosehead Studios with Joe Din to record their self-titled album before connecting with Andrew DeSanctis at Enslaved Sound Productions to mix and master the release. In April 2015, the band announced that they had signed with Imminence Records to release their debut album on May 19th. After several lineup changes and a change in sound that leans more towards the influences of Forevermore, Northlane, and Veil of Maya the band has reemerged with a new EP in hand that will be released November 4th, 2016.


Connect with Sirens Over Sumeria

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