Track-By-Track: Ashes Of My Regrets – ‘Caricatures’

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Picture the human mind’s emotional constructs as a mosaic tile of multi-faceted interfaces. You have your happiness construct, your saddness and despair construct, you even have your constructs of love, kindness, and trust.

And then you have seething bitterness. You have boiling anger.
It’s a part of us.
As much as happiness and love defines us, so does our pain and sorrow.

These centers of emotion shape and mold us- creating personality traits and concepts from the anxious extrovert to the hollowed pessimist, and everywhere in between. Individually, these emotional concepts and structures make up one exxagerated extreme of a person; together, they create a well-rounded whole person. Though we can pride ourselves on our stability of these chemical compounds of emotion, occassionally one or a few flare viciously, creating exaggerations of certain sides of ourselves that we’ve very cautiously kept tucked away.

It’s a side of the human psyche that New Jersey-based metalcore outfit Ashes Of My Regrets is ready to explore. Depression crippling anxiety, and betrayal takes the forefront of the quintet’s new EP Caricatures, poking and prodding at particular forms of human suffering via intense breakdowns and catchy choruses.

We have the pleasure of presenting to you the official track-by-track of Caricatures, penned by the band themselves! As always, each track is embedded for your better listening and reading experience. Enjoy!


This song was one of the last tracks to be finished on the EP. It’s made to portray different situations and different emotions running through somebody’s head. In a sense, it’s like listening to what goes on in a person’s head who suffers from depression, anxiety or is going through a hard time in life. The words that’s I’m screaming before the track ends is supposed to sum up the meaning behind the entire EP. You choose what to dwell on in your life, you can dwell onto awful things and your life will be a living hell or you can embrace them and make yourself a brighter future.


I believe this song was the second to last to be finished but it was the first one that we ever started writing for the new EP. We were stuck on the ending for a while and once we finally cracked it we were so proud of it. The lyrics focus a lot around depression. This song went from not having much potential to one of our favorite songs on the EP.

“Oh, The Irony”

This one was changed around a lot. If you heard the original version of the song you would not be able to recognize it. It’s a faster paced just in your face song full of energy. This one is about detaching from someone toxic in your life and realizing what they truly are.

“Fooled Me Twice, Now Pay the Price”

The heaviest and darkest song on the EP by far. It ends with this huge breakdown at the end that we are so excited to be able to play live. This song is about being betrayed by someone you love. It was inspired by our vocalist’s ex-girlfriend who ended up cheating on him. [It] was a dark time in his life. Once he found out what she did he wrote the lyrics to this song in about 20 minutes. For anyone who has been through something similar, this goes out to you.


The single of the EP and it’s the one that we are the proudest of. This was another song that was changed around a lot and for the better. The break in the song after the second chorus took us a very long time to crack because we wanted it to be perfect. Chris pretty much locked himself in the vocal booth for about 3 hours trying to get the lyrics and the melodies to the part perfect and when we finally cracked it we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of it. Lyrically its about going through the worst time in your life and knowing that it’s going to get better. It’s about learning to dance in the rain even when all hope seems lost.

“I’ll Be Damned”

This song was one of the last we started writing but one of the first to be finished. Another one that we are extremely excited about. We have been playing this one live and the reaction has been amazing. The breakdown at the end seems to always get the crowd pumping with energy. This song is about anxiety and how crippling that it can be.


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About Ashes Of My Regrets

promoAshes Of My Regrets is a metalcore quintet originating from Bergen County, New Jersey consisting of 5 longtime friends who looked to make an impact on today’s music scene. The band came to be after multiple failed musical attempts by some of the band members. They all came from different musical backgrounds but they all had two things in common; the love for current metalcore bands and the dedication to etch a new path in the music industry.

Ranging from the hard-hitting breakdowns to soaring choruses, Ashes of My Regrets keeps the same catchy metalcore sound that everyone loves while simultaneously putting their own spin on their sound. If you’re a fan of headlining bands like Asking Alexandria, Crown The Empire, The Word Alive, Memphis May Fire, Bring Me The Horizon and Motionless In White, you will undoubtedly find something familiar while experiencing something new.

Ashes Of My Regrets is constantly working tirelessly on evolving, whether it be writing new music, or expanding their fan base. They will not rest until they exceed the goals they’ve set out to accomplish. Once you listen, Ashes Of My Regrets will be a band that you do not want to forget.

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