Rookie of the Week

Rookie of the Week: Impala Ray

A tuba, a hackbrett, a minimalist kit comprised of a kick and a snare, a guitar, a uke, and a whole lotta voice. Sounds fantastic, right? Now roll that all into a singular entity of gentle choruses, flying harmonies, and feel-good catchy melodies, and you’ve got yourself Impala Ray- also known as the indie-folk-pop/BayFolk band that you’ve always needed in your life.

Impala Ray originates from the dreams of a young man from Munich- a man who has grown weary of his current place of residence and longs for his roots in the valley of the Jura Caves where his childhood once ran wild. It’s from this place that our wandering Munich dreamer draws inspiration for Impala Ray. His lyricism paints vivid stories of great love, his blacksmith Great Grandfather, and white palms- all of which are found present throughout their album From the Valley to the Sea.

But it’s not the vividness of the words that carries the weight of Impala Ray- it’s also the instrumentation, which combines “old-soul” feel with “young-at-heart” vibes that are transmitted over a channel of true authenticity to create a sound that will sit in your ears and resonate in your head for days. The life-stories of struggle, of pain, of loss, and of joy are so clearly felt and relatable within every aspect of From the Valley to the Sea that it almost feels that Impala Ray has hand-crafted a perfect, personalized symphony of melacholic coziness and comfort for each and every listener.

And it’s delightfully welcomed into each of our hearts.

But Impala Ray doesn’t stop at aural pleasure- the band just recently released a visually stunning music video for their single “One,” which is comprised of jaw-dropping scenery and snapshots of different adventures to create the exact amount of feel-good vibes that we all so desperately crave.

It’s this sort of committment to ingenuity and authenticity that has us proud to call Impala Ray our Rookie of the Week. I haven’t seen mirth and melancholy presented itself with such serenity and tranquility with such authentic ease in Folk music in a long time. Impala Ray is doing BayFolk right: never a chore; always a delight. I hope you find the same sort of bona fide joy within each dip and fold into Impala Ray’s gleefulness and Weltschmerz.

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