Rookie of the Week

Rookie Of the Week: Sinking.


When we bloom, we blossom. We mature. We open ourselves. We burst forth into the world with a newfound sheen lustre- all bright, shiny, and new. When we bloom, we flower. We unfold and unveil a new growth- our petals vibrant and reaching, and extending towards the sun to taste the first rays of light and be the first to catch the sweet droplets of fresh rain.

When we bloom, we begin again.

And when synth-pop duo Sinking. blooms, they produce the most intricate of fresh, tinted florets in music.

Sinking. made their debut as a functional duo just a couple of weeks back in early December with their single “Bloom,” but the sound that blossomed forth from the pair struck a rather immediate chord with listeners, garnering high praise from press outlets such as Sound In the Signals,  Indie Pulse Music, and Soundfiction. And how could they not? Dark thematics and theatrics perfectly wind around their irresistible, down-right contagious melodies and grooves, creating a visually and aurally catching experience for every listener. Citing inspirations from CHVRCHES, Broods, and The 1975, it’s easy to see how they perfectly encapsulate their upbeat groove-and-gloom.

Though Sinking. is, indeed, a duo as fresh and delicious as December kale, both members are no strangers to the music industry. Darian Reneé (Vocals, Synths, Samplers) is a pop singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and producer. Darian attended Berklee College of Music for Audio Production and  released her debut EP The Other Side of Someday in 2014, which was followed shortly by a series of live performances at festivals such as VanFest, Sasquatch, and South By So What?! The other half of the duo, Kyle Ekstrom (Vocals, Synths, Samplers), is also a singer-songwriter in the process of writing an EP. Kyle’s credentials include membership in several other bands before deciding to go solo.

Ekstrom approached Reneé about coming together to try something different, and the resulting discussion culminated in the formation and “Bloom” (see what we did there?) of Sinking.- a surely unstoppable and revitalizing face in independent synth-pop.

It’s not easy to jump the shark and form a successful creative outlet right off the bat, but Sinking. has proved through their ingenuity and integrity in their engineering of music that even time is no match for their efforts. And it’s this reason that we’re proud to call them our Rookie Of the Week. We hope you enjoy their glowing, garden-fresh crispness in musicality as much as we do!

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