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For The Fire Premiere “If I Had the Chance (To Burn You)”

(January 2nd, 2017) – Indiana-based rock band For The Fire recently released their brand-new single “If I Had the Chance (To Burn You).” The new single signifies a departure from the more formulaic punk archetypes found in their debut ep Who We Ought to Be, as these up-and-comers turn their attentions to more detail, opting for furthered dynamicism and formative, catchy melodies in place of their previous clunky songwriting.

“‘If I Had The Chance (To Burn You)’ is a raging lament inspired by instances of lost friendships and close-to-home hardships. ‘If I Had The Chance’ expresses a certain pain in being betrayed by someone you trusted and not knowing how to retaliate, thus damaging yourself further in the process.” – Addison Rider (Vocalist)


About For The Fire

ftfpromoSince their formation in the fall of 2015, For The Fire has been taking the local Indianapolis music scene by storm with their blend of post-hardcore/alternative sounding styles. Founded when vocalist Addison Rider met up with drummer Justin Whitlow at a local punk rock show, For The Fire has been pursuing their claim to fame (after picking up bassist Jesse Barnes and lead guitarist Tyler Antal) with fervent perseverance and are making an alarming impact. Although they have only been a band for nearly a year, For The Fire has already generated a mass amount of local buzz in Indianapolis, released music on virtually every online music distributor (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.) and have also released physical copies in various Indiana record stores.

They have gone on tour, and have opened up for several widely known acts such as I Prevail, Icon For Hire, Eyes Set To Kill, SayWeCanFly, Foreveratlast, The Nearly Deads, Farewell, My Love, and more, all with members only between 18-19 years old.

Unlike some other local bands, For The Fire combines various elements of different musical genre’s in order to achieve their renowned sound. One might describe them as a post-hardcore, alternative rock band with emo and metalcore influences. They are often compared to the likes of bands such as A Day To Remember, Beartooth, Flyleaf, Paramore, and more.

Connect with For The Fire

Official WebsiteFacebook | Bandcamp

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