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Rivers Release “Decay” Music Video

Photo by Philipp Röger Photography


(January 2nd, 2017) – German melodic hardcore outfit Rivers have released their official music video for their single “Decay.” The video originally premiered via Dreambound’s official youtube channel.

“Decay” depicts a harrowing aural and visual true-story tale of human-kind’s manefestation of greed as a war waged against the Earth- a real-time, hauntingly accurate description of our disastrously massive environmental disregard and toxic waste. But the lyricism of “Decay” doesn’t stop short at calling our personal environmental choices on the carpet, it also addresses human ignorance (“We’ve turned our home into a powder keg and lit the fuse on fire/The ball’s already rolling, so we decided that ignorance is bliss”) and how that declaration of blatant global-scale ignorance and neutrality will only fuel the fires that will soon consume us all (“We think we are taking steps forward/But we are really only digging our own graves”).

But coarse lyricism isn’t all that drives the musicality of the message, which Rivers aptly delivers across channels of emotive, charged riffs and licks, coupled with hair-raising atmospherics and the right touch of heaviness to drill itself deep within your eardrums, creating a sonic state of emergency that we all must adhere to.


About Rivers

riverspromoRivers is a 5-piece melodic hardcore band from Günzburg, Germany.

Rivers is:

Jo – Vocals
Nick – Guitar
Matze – Guitar
Jacek – Bass
Phil – Drums



Connect with Rivers

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