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Exclusive Premiere: Riley Flood – “Sunshine”

img_8126We’re proud and pleased to present the exclusive premiere of Riley Flood’s new music video for “Sunshine,” off of his 2016 debut Phases EP!

The video, which was directed by Laura Marie Anthony and co-produced by both Riley Flood and J-R Thompson, was filmed at The Dock Recording Studios and Panama Art Factory in Sacramento, CA

Based out of breezy Sacramento, California, Flood first found himself rooting deep into the chasms and crevasses of classic rock, armed with a guitar in hand and an unbelievably open mind. Little did he realize then that the floodgates would soon thereafter swing wide open, unleashing a deluge of musical influence that would wash over Riley in the forms of multiple musical roles (vocals, guitar, bass, and keys) and several local bands (culminating in his largest project yet, the now-disbanded Nylon Lyonn)- all the while expanding his pool of influence and interests as he indulged in spate after spate of writing styles and musical efforts. And in another instantaneous flash-flood, Riley Flood emerged in late 2016 with his own solo work, under which a 4-track EP titled Phases was born. Equal parts modern indie-rock, classic rock, and neo-psychedelia, Riley’s latest work is nothing short of an aural painting of a breezy, sun-drenched day in California, with the right amount of roughness around the edges to reflect a classic stylization of cool that can hardly be found in the modern age- and the tide of Riley Flood has yet to subside.


About Riley Flood

rileypromoRiley Flood is an artist from Sacramento, California. He began playing guitar at 14 after developing an interest in classic rock. In the following years, Riley expanded his horizons as a musician playing with a variety of local bands in a number of musical roles including vocals, guitar, bass, and keys, all while developing his songwriting style and expanding his circle of musical influences. After his most recent project, Nylon Lyonn, disbanded he realized he would have to begin a solo project in order to shape his sound. Riley Flood now creates music with positive, and expressive melodies that are reminiscent of both his classic rock influences and his more contemporary indie and psychedelic rock influences.

Connect with Riley Flood

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