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Gift Of Gab Releases “It’s Just Practice” As A FREE Download; Releasing New EP In April 2017

(January 11, 2017) – Gift Of Gab- better known as one-half of the Bay Area’s long-celebrated hip-hop duo Blackalicious- has unleashed his new single “It’s Just Practice” as a free download to pair with the announcement of his forthcoming new EP Rejoice! Rappers are Rapping Again, which is set to be released in April of this year and will set in motion a string of exciting musical events that will propel him towards 2018 and beyond!

“‘It’s Just Practice’ is some straight-up raw lyricism,” says seminal MC Gift Of Gab of his surprise single drop that is released today. “This is for the heads that are into the art of rhyming!”

Unleashed today via his website, “It’s Just Practice” is an exercise in vocal dexterity – a trademark of Gift of Gab. The track is available free at

Sample “It’s Just Practice” Below!

“The new batch of songs I’m working on is all about lyricism for heads who love it,” Gab tells HipHopDX exclusively. “I’m in a place in my career right now where I’m hearing a lot of talk that Hip Hop isn’t as lyrical as it once was. I come from the school of Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and rappers that are really intensely rhyming. With this new slew of music I am doing, it’s almost like I’m rhyming for other rappers.”

Praised by All Music Guide as “one of the very finest MCs to ever pick up a microphone” and Pitchfork for his “”astonishing verbal dexterity and enunciation”, Gift of Gab- while best known for his work in Blackalicious- has had a long and prolific solo career. Begginning with 2004’s album, 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up, the MC’s solo career quickly balooned and flourished, continuing with with 2008’s Escape 2 Mars and 2012’s The Next Logical Progression which featured many guest artists including Martin Luther, Zion I, George Clinton as well as his Quannum brothers Lyrics Born and Lateef the Truthspeaker.

With the release of “It’s Just Practice” and the announcement of his upcoming EP Rejoice! Rappers are Rapping Again, Gab is focused on dropping rhymes and beats throughout the year.

“I will be doing some touring. I really wanna do a lot of creating and interacting with fans,” he says, excited for the upcoming year.  If this is “just practice”, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the main event.

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