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Lorna Shore Releases Official Music Video for “Fvneral Moon”

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(January 13, 2017) – New Jersey-based metal band Lorna Shore is gearing up to release their sophomore full-length album, Flesh Coffin, on February 17, 2017 with Outerloop Records. Partnering with Metal Injection to debut the first track off the album, titled, “Denounce the Light,” fans have been itching to hear more from Lorna Shore. Yesterday, Lorna Shore partnered with Lambgoat to premiere their powerful new music video for “FVNERAL MOON.” Musically, Lorna Shore set out to write a song that has an overall different vibe, purpose, and more emotional sound than the rest of the tracks featured on Flesh Coffin. “FVNERAL MOON” is a dark track about the ghost of a troubled man who has committed suicide due to his inability to live with the things he has done but cannot escape existence even in death, so he’s haunted to live as a ghost to humanity alive to witness pain forever. Drummer, Austin Archey states,

“”FVNERAL MOON was the one song we were most excited about during the writing process. The song is by far the darkest, most melody driven song we have written yet. With the help from Director Joey Durango, we were able to capture a visual that perfectly portrays our vision.”

Sometimes people forget, that beyond our jobs, everything we own or our social standings, We’re just people. Some of us damaged and simply trying to cover a wound so none can see weakness, and some of us just covered in scars just ashamed of their past wanting no one to see their mistakes. Everything has its way of surfacing in the end, and you are the master of your own fate. Whatever it may be, understand that everyone struggles, no one is perfect, and always acknowledge there is beauty in the struggle of life. Never give in to the darkness.”  -Tom Barber (Vocalist)

Pre-orders for Flesh Coffin are available here with an instant download of “Denounce the Light” and “FVNERAL MOON” upon purchase. Also, stay tuned for Lorna Shore’s forthcoming tour with Carnifex and Despised Icon.


About Lorna Shore

lorna-shore-bb-photography-14-1Formed in 2010, Lorna Shore consists of vocalist Tom Barber, guitarists Adam De Micco and Connor Deffley, and drummer Austin Archey. To date, they have released three EPs and released their debut full-length Psalms in June of 2015. Aside from being featured on the Metal Alliance Tour with Deicide, Lorna Shore has most notably toured alongside bands such as Carnifex, Chelsea Grin, The Black Dahlia Murder, and more. The band has also played festivals such as the New England Metaland Hardcore Festival, Never Say Never Festival, South By So What, Skate and Surf Festival and SXSW’s New England Metal and Hardcore Festival Stage. Lorna Shore’s unique signature aesthetic spans death metal, black metal, power metal, and progressive rock for a style that encompasses brutal breakdowns, dazzling technical passages, white-knuckle-ride dynamics, and rich textured moments. The band’s forthcoming sophomore album, Flesh Coffin (Outerloop Records) was produced by Lorna Shore, Carson Slovak, and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, Everclear, From Ashes to New), mixed by Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland, and mastered by Zakk Cervini (Beartooth, Good Charlotte, Blink 182).

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