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We Will Not Walk In Fear Of One Another


Dear Readers,

Today is a difficult day.

Regardless of our political ideologies and specific stances, today we see a dark shadow cast across our nation. We witnessed an election cycle in which The People were betrayed and then, adding insult to injury, pitted viciously against one another like mongrels in a dog fight, jowls aiming for and locked on each others’ throats. We have witnessed in our streets, across our social groups, and social media sites and forums vile and vehement anger towards one another; near-all sense of civility cast to the wayside as we ran to either sides of the American Political Arena and jeered from our respective corners. Disruption and distress has corrupted and overtaken to the point of severe division, and all at the cost of our celebrated civil liberties as they are repeatedly crippled by the corporate lust for greed.

And we understand that it has been hard. It has been, undoubtedly, hard for us here, too, at this publication. We’re a staff comprised of mixed ideologies, genders, sexualities, races, economic statuses, and religions. Believe me when I say that we have all personally experienced some degree of dolefulness during this past election cycle and forthcoming Presidency. We understand that for many, today is a fearful or even loathesome day for all sides, seeing as, in the end, we all lose in this reprehensibly rancourous and callous game. That’s why it’s important to remember and stress that- despite what’s laden before us- we are still a capable species; Even in darkness, we manage to once again find the light.

Part of any advancement in society presumes exactly that- society. Collaboration and cooperation with one another towards an overarching goal. Progress is not lost; no matter how far you set the clock back, time still presses forward.

Part of what we believe here at Ouch That Hertz! is exactly that: advancement. Be it in the latest and greatest in forward-thinking, new music and entertainment, or a move towards a more universalist, world-stewardship mindset. We’re not ones to sit back and watch it all happen from a distance. We’re constantly on the frontlines, we’re in the pits, and we’re in the green rooms.

Which brings me to today’s featured article… This post that you’re reading now. We all realize that in order to combat the shadows cast, be it the reinvigorated resurgence of the KKK, the incipient abandonment of environmental regulations, or Betsy DeVos in general, we have to be present and integrated within all of it. A large segment of that is grassroots-oriented. Which means it not only takes all of us, it takes all of you, too. The only way to rebuild and rebound from this chasm is to actively reconnect, from soup kitchens to sit-ins, and everywhere inbetween.

We’ve been inspired, as of late, by a myriad of musicians that we’re blessed to call friends within music, including but not limited to our friends in Forthteller, The Apprehended, In Hearts Wake, Dead Eyes, and so many others in their specific calls for grassroots-level action in the form of community involvement in an effort to desegregate ourselves from the pitfalls of our own ideological machines. We’re also simultaneously taking solace and finding comfort in the messages and calls to action from an array of other generational artists, such as Bob Dylan, Anti-Flag, Propaghandi, The Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Joan Baez, Woody Guthrie, and plenty more.

Today, we’re here to spread that inspiration to you all- for the betterment yourselves, in turn for this world.

Below you’ll find a very mixed playlist [of sorts] that we’ve compiled, consisting of music from ’round the world- from prior and current musicians- all that promote a message of progression and improvement of our collective society. Interspersed at intermittent intervals are subsections of different at-risk issues that pertain to, well, everyone. Included are helpful links instructing you on ways that you can contribute, whether you only have time or money (preferrably both!) to spare. The idea is that, rather than spending today sitting as a bystander, you can make the most of this day by getting involved with and reconnect with your community and all of its members. Consider this your call-to-action, with a killer pump-up playlist to help you get revved up for what we hope is an impending all-out Revolution by the People.

We are an American publication. We are citizens of the world.

Fiercely independent; keeping you plugged in since 2014.



Combat Racism and Xenophobia

NAACP | Campaign Zero

The Anti-Defamation League | Council On American-Islamic Relations

The ACLU | Native American Rights Fund

Southern Poverty Law Center | National Immigration Law Center

Showing Up For Racial Justice

Fight for LGBTQ+ Rights

The ACLU | Everyone Is Gay | The Trevor Project

GLAAD | Southerners On New Ground

Punk Out | GLAAD

The Sylvia Rivera Law Project


Environmentalism: Save the Planet

(And tell Myron Ebell to go FUCK HIMSELF)

Earthjustice | NextGen Climate Action | The Sierra Club

Natural Resources Defense Council | Cool Earth

Safecast | League of Conservation Voters

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund

Women’s Rights

Planned Parenthood | NARAL | RAINN

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Reproductive Health Access Project

Safeguard & Support Journalism

Center For Public Integrity | OpenSecrets

ProPublica | International Reporting Project

Fund For Investigative Journalism



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