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Nordic Metalcore Outfit Aerial Release “Foreign Coast” Music Video

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(January 27th, 2017) – Yesterday, Norwegian metalcore quartet Aerial released their official music video for their single “Foreign Coast,” off of their 2016 EP Foresight. The video originally premiered via Dreambound’s official Youtube channel.

Aerial’s musicality is exactly as given by their name: taking cues from the earlier technicality of Northlane and intertwined with the dynamicism of ERRA, “Foreign Coast” is a gracefully arced and wound testament to metalcore, as piercing discordant arias are embraced by and entwined with gentle melodic atmoshperics, which dive into relentless cascades of chunky, heavy riffage. The overall product is hardly anything foreign to our ears, but it does denote an embittered, refreshing turn of the tides in the genre of metalcore in general- something that the genre desperately needs and is exemplified throughout their EP Foresight.

Aerial formed in early 2015 following the collapse of several other Norwegian local bands and became an ever-shifting project. The quartet would quickly move through early rock styles, to hardcore, and then to post-hardcore before eventually settling on progressive-metalcore and a clear, firm direction, that culminated in their first single “Realizations.” By June of 2015, the band had taken that directionality to pursue a trip to Budapest to track their 5-track EP. However, the result wasn’t quite up to par with their expectations (suffice it to say, the destination did not make the journey worthwhile), and Aerial found themselves heading back home to start over from scratch.

At the time, Norway’s metal scene had hit an all-time-low, and without much choice [and plenty of resiliance and determination], Aerial moved from Norway to resettle in the UK and join the fray of the rising metal scene there. After finally resettlign in Birmingham, Aerial set to work on new, revamped material, taking suggestions from Keaton Goldwire from Invent, Animate and Jesse Cash from Erra (who became their co-producers), and soon thereafter found themselves growing and flourishing into the sound they had always been aiming for. Brian Hood would become their go-to for mixing and mastering, and by April, Aerial found themselves pitching to labels, and management companies for the release. They, rather unfortunately, found no success in their attempts, moving instead for a self-release of their by-and-large successful EP Foresight in the middle June of 2016.

The band has since moved back to Norway and continue to play shows, and write and record new music. Hence, the release of their music video for “Foreign Coast” is merely the beginning of Aerial’s 2017 plans.

The band proudly states on their website:

“For us this music goes deeper than merely the joy of playing aggressive music. There’s also another dimension to music. It’s the ability to resonate with completely different people and speak life into their situation. Hopefully leave this world a better place. We´re dealing with key values and beliefs, which we truly believe, is important to everyone regardless of background. It’s essentially about dealing with self-acceptance; to have a higher purpose, to dare to dream, and to constantly being driven by hope.”


About Aerial

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, tree, shoes and outdoorWe are a dedicated, 4-piece metalcore band from Southern Norway that formed in early 2015. We are now back in Norway, and want nothing more than playing shows, record more songs, and do whatever it takes to bring our band to the next level. If the situation allows, we will also sacrifice to travel abroad away from friends, lovers and family in order to play our music.

Connect with Aerial

Official Website | Facebook | Instagram

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