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Convulsions Signs with Imminence Records, Releases New Single “Culture Shock”



(February 22, 2017) – Reno, NV’s spicy, sweat-drenched beatdown/downtempo Convulsions have announced their signing to Imminence Records. The band will release their label debut, entitled Culture Shock, March 31st and have just released their new single, and title track, to the masses. The band plans to tour throughout the rest of the year.

“We are super excited to be joining the Imminence Records family and to be releasing our music with them! We can’t wait to see where this takes us and we would just like to thank everyone who has helped us achieve what we have so far. We are beyond stoked to show you all what we have in store!” – Tyler Pfeifer (Vocalist)

Pure, unadulterated vehemence surrounds the core of the band’s musicality, as “Culture Shock” delivers a relentless, ground-quaking, seizure-inducing tirade of vigilante-style violence. Malevolent, malignant, and seething with murderous rage, the sheer heaviness of “Culture Shock”- a la Filth & Immoralist style-  is enough to send your eyes rolling into the back of your head.



1. Intolerance
2. Product Of The Lost (feat. Davis Rider)
3. Dilemma
4. Scum Staunch (feat. Jordan LeGore)
5. Culture Shock

About Convulsions

convulsionspromoYou don’t create filthy raw music. You are born into it, molded by it just like the five members of Reno, NV’s Convulsions. While the band was recently formed, these five individuals – Junior Martinez (Guitar), Draven Carter (Drums), Noah Tagliamonte (Bass), Tyler Pfeifer (Vocals), and Jimmy Cooper (Lead Guitar) – have brought forth the heaviest, darkest, noisiest, and rawest downtempo the music world has experienced yet. While only being a full band since October 2016, the band already has a full EP produced by KING drummer Cameron Marygold and a label home in the form of Imminence Records. Their label debut will be released this spring with influences ranging from Immoralist, Traitors, and KING.

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