Track-By-Track: Funeral For the Masses – ‘Pitch Black’ EP


I want you to picture the moment a perfectly executed punch is thrown. Imagine the flawless curl and alignment of knuckles; the impeccably balanced stance. Sweat building, adrenaline pumping through thin veins. Blood pumping in their ears, heart rates rising sharply as two beings face off in a classic example of prime flight-or-flight. Muscles tense and knuckles turn white as inevitable anticipation billows and sparks between the two. And then, the moment. The moment when all this potential energy becomes physical kinetics as primal instincts take seige of our civil selves. The calculable optimal force and pressure as skin and bones collide with a sickening, visceral crunch.

If you bear any interest in fighting and the physics of taking a wallop to the face, you’re likely quite intrigued at the correlation between Force and Pressure (measured in PSI). And if you’re anywhere nearly as nerdy as I am in regards to professional fighting and mathematics, then you spend a ton of time computing the mind-boggling, disastrously efficient effect and repercussions of the collision of bone-on-bone. Let’s take a moment to analyze the basics of damage incurred from a primal fist fight. The resulting damance from such physical deliverance comes from three things. 1. The impact itself, which may be manifested in a broken jaw or a cracked eye socket; 2. Acceleration to the brain leading to abrupt contact with the skull, potentially resulting in concussion; 3. The rotational force that twists the brain within the skull, simultaneously increasing the severity of injury and the likelihood of a knockout.

So, let’s say a punch thrown by Ivan Drago (the villain of Rocky IV, for all ye uncultured swine who don’t recognize the name) is estimated to measure 2,150 PSI and his glove’s impact area is roughly four square inches, he’d be exerting a force of 8,600 pounds- more than four tons. Now, scientific data and professional literature do add a disclaimer that no real professional boxer can actually obtain that level, although a 2007 news account of World Boxing Organization cruiserweight champion Enzo Maccarinelli claims that his punches packed a wallop of around 3.85 tons. Considering that a human skull generally shouldn’t take a shot of more than 50 g (as imparted by the  the Wayne State Tolerance Curve, which measures both the g-force imparted to the head and the span of time involved), a punch thrown by Maccarinelli is, well… Undesirable.

However, you don’t need to be in the ring to endure a Maccarinelli-style knockout when it comes to Finnish metal heavyweights Funeral For The Masses. Their latest album, Pitch Black, carries enough sheer, primal rage and brutal, unrelenting force to rival a fist fight with Drago himself. Searing ear-shredding riffage and bone-crunching breakdowns abound the EP, racking up enough PSI to effectively grind your jaws and eye-sockets to nothing more than sheer dust.  Vehement, vicious, and viscerally disturbing, Funeral For The Masses’ Pitch Black guarantees an immediate brain hemmorhage with every sharp, tyrannical blow to the ears.

We have the immense pleasure of presenting to your eyes and ears the official track-by-track breakdown of Pitch Black, penned by guitarist Eemeli Bodde, in which you can take a descent into the dark depths of this bloodthirsty EP. For the betterment of your listening and reading experience,the official Spotify stream of Pitch Black is embedded towards the end of the article.

Lace up your gloves and steady your feet- this one’s a doozy.

A vicious, violent doozy.


“Death Sentence”


This groovy and massively heavy track was probably one of the first pieces I wrote for this album and it turned out to be the perfect opening track. The song is pretty much a small showcase of our style, as it contains some of the slower, groovy and atmospheric stuff as well as the faster blast beats and mayhem that we like to use in our music. The lyrical theme revolves around the fact that our politicians can’t take care of our society and force feed their own, idiotic ways to the people and keep driving our nations to ruin.


This is the anthem of our band. Self-titled as “Funeral for the Masses,” the song manages to deliver the full aggression and dark atmosphere that our music is all about. There’s no breaks in the songs for you to catch your breath, as the brutality just keeps on flowing. This piece is one of the absolute highlights of our live shows. The message of the song is pretty self-explanatory: a funeral for the masses. This was also the last piece composed for the EP.

“Blinded Eyes”

“Blinded Eyes” represents maybe the most straightforward side of our songs. There’s nothing fancy going on here, just straight on mayhem. Groove is the key point here- and there’s a lot of it. When the song came to life it was our first piece composed with the 8-string guitars we use nowadays and we really took advantage of those low tunes. The breakdown in the middle will sure as hell make you soil your pants during our shows, so keep a spare pair with you at all times! The song is all about being taken advantage of and, in the end, paying it all back with violence and violently taking one’s life.

“Pitch Black”

At this point of the album we take a dive to the deep end and slow things down a bit. “Pitch Black” has a dark, anxious feel to it right from the start and it keeps on going for the whole 5 minutes. I remember composing this piece and the anxious state I was in at that moment. I somehow managed to take all that and make it into a song. The melodies and the low-tuned, crushing guitars make you feel like all hope is gone from the world and there’s nowhere to hide from all the evil around you. All that there is left is depression, anxiety, and the dark, cold world.


With “Delusions” the writing process was really easy and fast. At the point when this song was made, it was the fastest and the most brutal song we had ever played as a band. The song maintains a good balance between air in music, dynamics and full on beating the living hell out of your instruments. Delusions also features the only guitar solo on the whole album. Lyrical theme here was inspired by delusional dreams, skipping between the real world and the dream world, and not really knowing the difference between the two.

“Fallen Idol”

This must be my own personal favorite from the album. Once again we go back to the heavy, groovy side of things and bring in more dynamics to the overall playing. The track was heavily inspired by Meshuggah and you can hear that especially in the outro of the song. We also got Jonne Soidinaho from Carnalation to feat on the vocals on this one, and he did a great job.  We felt like this was the perfect track to end the album with a bang and leave the listener wanting to hear more of it.

“Thanks for reading this track by track, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter for further updates!”

– Eemeli B / FFTM

Purchase Pitch Black Here

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