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The Great Enough Release “Can You Relate?”


(April 18th, 2017) – The City of Brotherly Love has once again delivered us sweet, gentle aural care in the form of The Great Enough’s fresh, soul-drenched new single “Can You Relate?” The track, which was produced by Luke Tozour (Jamie Cullum, Mika, and Katy Perry), explores the world through the lens of shared experiences, reminding us that we are all far more alike than we are different.  The ringing refrain of “Pray for better days” is a reminder that there is nothing more audacious or more rock and roll than hope.”

About The Great Enough

The Great Enough was formed in 2015 by Bright Kelley (Vocals & Guitar), Brian DiBiagio (Guitar & Vocals), and John Hoff (Drums & Percussion).  Bringing together a particular brand of vital, intense rock and roll, these guys prefer not to subscribe to labels, and let the music speak for itself.  It will tell you that this band works hard and cares deeply.  That they are exploring the human experience in as honest a way as they are able.  That they want to laugh with us, and rage with us; they want to feel our loneliness and our exultation; that they want to roar.  Everything else is up to you.



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