Track-By-Track: Soldiers Of A Wrong War – ‘Countdowns’


Undeniably fresh and sharp: the four words that should come to the mind of anyone listening to Italian rockers Soldiers Of A Wrong War’s brand new album Countdowns. Brimming with punchy melodies and head-bopping riffs, the Italian alternative rock quartet’s latest endeavour is nothing short of anthemic. Finely-tuned, yet surprisingly rugged, the band’s attention to detail is what makes this album a true spectacle. Unabashedly dancey, proudly authentic, this album comes with a guarantee of sending your ears soaring in every measure.

We’re truly proud to present to your eyes and ears the official track-by-track commentary of Soldiers Of A Wrong War’s Countdowns, penned by the band themselves. As always, each track is embedded with its corresponding details for the betterment of your reading and listening pleasure. Enjoy!

“Deep Impact”

We wanted the first song of this album to be a memorable, bone-crushing riff and for the listener to be hit by that wall of sound. “Deep Impact” talks about the fact that freedom is a fundamenta element of our world. Our lives are constantly polluted by fake stories, by people that we used to call sinner, and preachers who think that they know how we should live our lives and what’s better for us. We just need to realize that we don’t need these kind of people [in our lives] and that we are free: we’re free to believe whatever we want without the fear of being judged just because we think outside the box. Freedom is key!

“Hit Me”

“Hit Me” is the neurotic understanding that your life isn’t  going the way you want it to. Unless you clearly know where you’re going, you’re not going to get to where you want to be. What often happens is that you end up selecting a profession based on your basic understanding of it, or the results of an aptitude test. It’s not really  constructed with your dreams or desires. And then you come to a point where you just want out- you feel that there’s so much more that this life can give you and being trapped in a lifestyle that isn’t what you really want feels like a mistake. You end up learning as much as possible from your past mistakes, with the newfound chance to grow and find out what you really want.

“Through This Wall”

This song is about the fact that sometimes we all feel just like beholders, watching the world crumble down just like in the final scene of David Fincher’s masterpiece FIght Club. We’re all beholders trying to hide from the choices that we made. John Ruskin, one of the leading English painters and art critics of the Victorian Era, said, “What we think, or what we know, or what we believe is, in the end, of little consequence. The only consequence is what we do.” Actions speak louder than words; being a beholder won’t get you anywhere.

“We Will Never Fall”

“We Will Never Fall” is the first track that we wrote after releasing our last EP in 2014. We were starting to write some new material and suddenly we came out with this song. We immediately thought, “Damn, this is pure fire– we gotta track this down in studio as our first single for a new album!” So, we did! We wrote this song thinking about how the world in which we live is full of contradicitons and no one seems to care about it. It seems that everyone is okay with the concept of truth that has been designed for us and most of us don’t care to dig deeper and inform ourselves about what the real truth is. 99% of the time, you never know the truth, you know truth. Don’t be told what can or can’t be done; question everything and always try to listen with the intent to understand, rather than the inrent to reply.


“We are like a clock, we just need time.” This track right here is one of the most important ones on Countdowns. We’re particularly proud of this song because it completely represents who and what we are. The writing process of this song was so natural and quick, and the result was exactly how we wanted it to be. It’s about trying to be truly who you are, knowing that you are in this world for a reason- that reason is to make the difference; care about the ones that you love and accept the idea that, for one reason or another, we’ll always feel lost because the map of our lives won’t reveal its final connections until we’ve lost it all.

“Broken Bones”

“Broken Bones” is about people trying to bring you down. Sometimes it happens that you’re surrounded by [negative] people, and it’s all about being able to feed yourself with your dreams and ambitions to stay sane and strong enough so you can reach your goals. Hard work forever pays, follow what you believe in and don’t let anyone or anything bring you down.

“In Our Skin Again”

“In Our Skin Again” is a song about losing love- specifically, the duality of the end of a relationship and the desire to feel fine again in your own skin. Your happiness is not (or, should not be) founded on the idea that you need someone to feel complete again. Rather, your personal happiness is based on balance. You just need time to find a new equilibrium and then everything is going to return to normalcy. Life will skip and pause in black and white, and only then will you start to once again appreciate- and, perhaps, appreciate even more- all the colors that it shines.


When we wrote this song, we were thinking, “This stuff sounds insanely like one of those rock’n’roll songs that make you wanna instantly dance and have fun!” If you listen to the song, you can feel influences form the old-school rock’n’roll scene of the mid-60s and early-70s, mixed with some alternative rock vibes from the 90s. The catchphrase in the refrain, which is “It doesn’t make much sense, but I like it,” basically represents the world we live in today: the infosphere is flooded with tons of content though social media every single day and it looks like you really don’t need a reason to like something. Even if it doesn’t make sense, if you see that people share it, then it seems that you have to like it automatically and you just go with the flow. You’re trapped in a system which seems to be designed to decode ourselves and bring our individuality to  a point where it’s nearly extinct. Is that what we really want?


“Milestone” is about your first love. It’s a hurricane of emotions; it’s that moment of your life where everything seems so confused and you just don’t understand why. Maybe the only thing you should do is just live in the moment(s). Enjoy every single drop of it and let it become that lifetime memory, that milestone that you’ll always bring with you inside your memories.

“Out of Time”

“Out of Time” is one of the oldest songs that we wrote on this album. We wrote this track long before “We Will Never Fall,” which was the first song that convinced us that it was time to write a new LP. Since this new album is titled Countdowns, we thought it was the perfect closing song. The meaning behind it can be open to different interpretations. I think that’s one of the cool things about writing a song: it can have a specific meaning for you, but it can also have a whole other meaning for somebody else.



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