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Exclusive Premiere: The Sometimes Island – “Bad People”


Today, we are pleased to present to your ears the exclusive premiere of The Sometimes Island’s “Bad People.” The track, which marks the title and third single release off of their forthcoming July 28th release, features a beach-pop medley infused with mild-mannered electro sensibility, crafting a sense of nonchalant, breezy, ethereal musicality.

The Sometimes Island is the brainchild moniker of the Austin, TX-born polymath multi-instrumentalist Mattt Blankenship Jr. Now based in Los Angeles (and an open frontman of 11 years in the LA scene), Matt Blankenship has been steadily weaving his way in and out of the sunny LA circuit, opening for Alien Ant Farm, Fred Falke, and playing coffee houses with Banks during their college careers. The moniker, which marks a brand new endeavour in his long-running career, comes from a small batch of islands in his hometown- proving that you can’t take the Texas out of the man, but you can infuse him with West Coast blithe.

“What are bad people anyway? It’s easier to imagine everything in black and white, but in reality there’s so much grey in between. Shockingly, it’s easy for most people to look at a homeless person on the street and think ‘that’s not my problem and they probably got what they deserved’. We are all connected, and I wrote this song about how people come to accept the labels they are given when instead they can break the cycle, tap into their potential and transform their lives. We’re all bad people, and we are all good people.” – Matt Blankenship



Catch The Sometimes Island on tour!

July 29                Los Angles, CA             El Cid (Bad People EP release show)
July 31                Folsom, CA                   Nicholson’s Musicafe
August 1             Ashland, OR                  Oberon’s Tavern
August 2             Seattle, WA                    Substation
August 3             Port Townsend, WA       Boiler Room
August 4             Portland, OR                  Ranger Station
August 5             Eureka, CA                     Little Red Lion
August 6             Reno, NV                        Sparks Lounge
August 7             Santa Cruz, CA               Bocci’s Cellar
August 8             Pacifica, CA                    Winters Tavern
August 9             San Francisco, CA          Revolution Cafe
August 11           San Diego, CA                City Pub


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