Track-By-Track: Counterfeit Culture – ‘Deathwish’


Today, we have the utmost pleasure in presenting to your eyes and ears the official track-by-track commentary of New Jersey post-hardcore outfit Counterfeit Culture’s upcoming debut EP Deathwish. A limited selection of tracks are available to complimentarily stream, as the album has yet to be released. However, we’re more than confident that the trail of teasers left by the band will leave you unbearably hooked and aching for more.


This song is by far our most intense song. It comes right out of the gate with one of the most intricate riffs on any of our songs. The song is about pretending to be someone you’re not, and the music really supports those feelings. It has hard hitting parts that make your heart race, and calm melodic parts that make you feel relaxed. Also, having Ricky Armellino featured on this song was incredible for us. We’ve known Ricky for years, and he’s helped shape all of us into the musicians we are today. After everything he’s done for us, it was so special and meaningful for us to have him on our song.

“Second Soul”

“Second Soul” is the middle ground between the intensity of Apothecary and the calming melodies of X. It features a lead in the first verse of the song that was actually written by our manager Connor Jordan. Connor and Pat have known each other since Pat was three years old, so the two of them write together often. Pat learns a lot from Connor, and wanted him to write some seriously intricate leads for this EP. That lead is hands down the craziest lead on our EP. This song is about coming out of your shell, and embracing your true self. This is true in both the sense that we’ve all grown as people during this writing and releasing process, but also from a musical sense. We’ve ignored all trends or norms, and just wrote what we felt was a strong and meaningful EP.


This is our most melodic song. We decided to include more singing that usual, and a lot of ambient guitar. Pat takes a large influence from alternative music, and tried to infuse some of that into this song. This song is about struggling with something, and not seeing an end in sight to that struggle. The music reflects that message, in the sense that it starts out relaxed, but builds and builds, until the climax at the end when there’s a massive breakdown. We made the music video for this song about drug addiction, because it can spiral out of control if there is no one there to offer a helping hand. As with all of our songs, we try to highlight issues that everyone deals with, and hope to bring attention to the solutions for these issues.

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