Exclusive Premieres

Exclusive Premiere: ///ANGLS – “Terminal Velocity”

Today, we have the utmost pleasure in presenting electro duo ///ANGLS’ debut single, “Terminal Velocity,” off of their forthcoming debut record, which is set to drop in November of 2017. The groove-infused single is the product of producer Ellipsis and musician Norman Hittle (Hydrogen Skyline)’s collaboration, in which a pulsating electro base is seamlessly integrated with layers of pop sensibility and hard-hitting rock riffage. The result of this happy sonic union? An endless stream of head-bopping, anthemic, classically danceable fun.

“‘Terminal Velocity’ is our debut single release. The premise of the song is highlighting the point in which there’s no turning back on the complexities of life decisions,” explains Hittle. “Once you hit that tipping point or are going too fast to stop and turn around- so you just buckle in and speed up, accepting whatever may come. It’s also unique among our other songs (yet to be released) in the sense that it defies out “electropop” genre with an edgier anthemic rock vibe- though the electronic elements are still present.”

The duo’s name (Angles) derives from both musicians’ mutual appreciation for geometric art. Moreover, the band also draws heavy influence from The Strokes’ album of the same name- an album that Hittle states as “one of [his] favorite releases from them” to this day.

“We also gravitated to using ///ANGLS to name this project in light of the “perspectives” we hope to illustrate and multiple points of view (or “angles”) from each song.

With ///ANGLS, the goal in our formation was to embrace a more electronic side that would hybrid with a lot of other genres. In the future, with more songs released, we hope to successfully exhibit our love for electronic music alongside not only pop, but also swing, alt rock, and classical movie score-esque epics.”


About ///ANGLS

///ANGLS (Angles) is an electro-pop/rock duo comprised of producer ellipsis and musician Norman Hittle (Hydrogen Skyline). Having crossed paths in the CO music scene several times years earlier, they began working together in 2015 on Norman’s band’s album and discovered a musical chemistry and commonality. Creating a project based around commercially viable and radio-friendly songs, the duo finds their niche in writing about the complexities of relationships, longing-melancholic anthems, and feel-good summer jams.




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